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Toyota Ireland Launches Car Sharing Initiative ‘YUKO Car Club’

Ireland is the first country in which Toyota has launched such a programme

Toyota Ireland is delighted to announce the launch of its new car sharing initiative, YUKO Toyota Car Club. YUKO provides city residents, workers and non-car owners with immediate access to top of the range environmentally friendly hybrid vehicles, without the cost or commitment associated with actual car ownership. YUKO is the Japanese word for ‘Let’s Go’.

The initiative represents Toyota’s next step in its vision to helping create a more environmentally sustainable future, while addressing some of the key challenges of urban congestion by offering a wider choice of mobility solutions for commuters and motorists, including hybrid, plug-in hybrid, EV and fuel cell vehicles.

Ireland is the first country in which Toyota has launched such a programme, and YUKO will initially roll-out in Dublin with 15 vehicles across three city centre locations, with the intention of expanding rapidly to cover a city wide footprint. In addition to free on-street public parking space the Toyota models available are the Yaris, Auris, Prius and by the end of the year the C-HR and Prius Plug in Hybrid.

Attending the launch of YUKO, Minster for Transport, Tourism and Sport, Shane Ross, said:

“We welcome the arrival of Toyota’s YUKO car club initiative to Dublin. Low emissions, urban congestion and mobility are high on our agenda and we believe that the car sharing model is a credible solution to improving these important problems. With the added bonus of using hybrid vehicles, YUKO Car Club is an excellent addition to the transport options in Dublin City”.

Commenting on the launch, Steve Tormey, CEO Toyota Ireland said:

“We are honoured that Toyota Europe has chosen Dublin for the launch of YUKO and are very excited about the promise YUKO holds for addressing some of the key mobility issues in large metropolitan areas such as Dublin, while providing customers access to our latest hybrid vehicles. YUKO’s hybrid vehicles are the best way to help reduce congestion and improve air quality, while providing a stress free and fuel efficient driving experience without the burden of range anxiety.”

Advantages of Toyota YUKO car club

  1. 50km of free fuel / no refueling worries 
  2. Free on-street public parking 
  3. Inclusive pricing model 
  4. Highest specification levels in every vehicle 
  5. Satellite Navigation / Rear view camera & full connectivity 
  6. Fully comprehensive insurance 
  7. Improved air quality for Dublin

Hybrid Driving

Toyota believes that YUKO members will relish the fact that hybrid vehicles provide a much more pleasurable, quieter and stress free driving experience, particularly in high density areas. Because they are essentially automatic cars, driving in heavy city traffic is a doddle.

There’s also the added benefit to the environment, with Toyota hybrids emitting lower NOx and particulate matter making for better air quality. In addition hybrids are cheaper to run and contrary to the myth, you don’t have to plug them in to recharge so there is no range anxiety for users.

Pricing Options

YUKO pricing has been designed to be cost effective, simple, inclusive and easy to calculate for members, and all rentals include free fuel for 50km of driving. New customers pay a €50 sign-up fee and a €6 monthly subscription, and vehicle pricing is as follows:

Grade Hourly Rate Daily Rate 15 Min Extension Overnight Cost (12-7AM)
Yaris  €8 €60 €2 €14
Auris €10 €70 €2.50 €17.50
Prius  €15  €85  €3.75 €27

Members can park their YUKO cars for free in any on-street public parking space in Dublin city, and all drivers and passengers are comprehensively insured and covered for public liability, which is included in the cost.

YUKO Availability

From today, YUKO will have five cars available in Smithfield/Kilmainham, and will shortly be rolling out in IFSC/Ringsend, and Ranelagh/Rathmines. Toyota will be positioning a further 10 YUKO cars at corporate & hotel partner premises. Members can book in advance or on-the-spot, and must drop back their cars from the location they picked them up from. Toyota intends to expand in various locations building on the expected success within Dublin.

Signing-Up to YUKO

To sign-up to YUKO, new customers must register at Once this is done, they simply enter their location which will identify the cars nearby. Customers choose what time and day they would like to book a car for and click the book button. The car will be activated by a membership card which will be sent following sign up.

YUKO for Corporate Customers

Toyota is also making YUKO available to corporate customers and initially plans to partner with three, soon to be announced, multinational companies headquartered in Dublin as well as two 5 star hotels, which will have vehicles stationed at their premises permanently available to staff and visitors. Benefits for corporations include financial savings, no in-house administrations, no liability, free parking and helping to achieve sustainability targets.

For more information and to become a member of YUKO, please visit

Pictured above - Councillor Ciarán Cuffe Chairman of Dublin City Council’s Transport Committee, Shane Ross Minister for Transport, Tourism & Sport, and Steve Tormey, Chief Executive Toyota Ireland

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