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Toyota Motor Europe

Our European headquarters and research & development centre in Brussels, Belgium 
Toyota Motor Europe coordinates numerous functions for the region, from sales and marketing to the design, research and development of our future models. It is playing a key role in Toyota’s transition to a mobility company and its development and use of connected technologies. 
  • Multiple responsibilities

    The prime responsibility of Toyota Motor Europe (TME) is to manage the sales & marketing of Toyota and Lexus vehicles and parts at wholesale level in the EU, as well as in the UK, Russia, Turkey, Kazakhstan and Israel. TME supports the network of National Marketing and Sales Companies and distributor businesses that handle our vehicles at country level. It provides central product planning, marketing & communications functions, and takes responsibility for business strategy. This ensures that products, pricing, marketing and retailer operations are ideally suited to their local market.   

  • International and innovative

    Headquartered in Brussels, TME is a genuinely international business; people of more than 60 different nationalities work here. Its role has grown in recent years, as we have invested in expanding our European R&D and design functions. At the heart of TME is innovation. It led the development of major model changes for our small and compact vehicles such as Yaris and Corolla, in areas such as research and development, design and product planning. A group within TME centrally coordinates sustainability and ESG related activities across the company and externally. 

  • Toyota Technical Centre

    The Toyota Technical Centre in Brussels, Belgium is home to TME’s research & development, purchasing, and production engineering tasks, as well as the European design and engineering functions. In 2011, the state-of-the-art Zaventem Proving Ground was inaugurated. It has the responsibility of enhancing the role of Toyota’s European vehicle research and development processes.