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Toyota in the world

Toyota has become one of the world’s largest and best-known automobile manufacturing businesses 
We are world-famous for making vehicles, but did you know that Toyota has many other manufacturing and business activities throughout the world? Using this knowledge and experience we aim to transition into a mobility company and produce happiness for all. 

Where are we today? 

  • > 370.000 Employees

  • 170+
    Sales in countries and regions

  • 71
    Manufacturing companies worldwide

  • 20
    Design & R&D centres

  • Meet our President

    Koji Sato became our President and CEO in 2023, following in the steps of Akio Toyoda. After joining Toyota in 1992, Sato built his career as an engineer, serving as chief engineer for the LEXUS LC flagship coupe launched in 2017. From 2020, he became president of Lexus International Co. and GAZOO Racing Company before taking up the Chief Branding Officer (CBO) baton from President Akio Toyoda the following year.

    Since 2021, Sato has led the challenge to race hydrogen-powered cars, working on the front lines to communicate Toyota’s efforts in creating like-minded partners and advancing technology toward a carbon-neutral society. As our new president, Koji Sato will lead the transition for Toyota from a carmaker into a "mobility company."

  • Where do we come from?

    Sakichi Toyoda’s success in developing automatic loom technology provided a sound commercial foundation for his son Kiichiro to pursue his dream of making vehicles. His vision was inspired by the new mass-production methods he saw in Europe and the USA. Today we have grown to become one of the world’s largest and best-known automobile manufacturing businesses. We employ more than 370,000 people and make vehicles in factories on every continent. Our vehicles and related services are sold in more than 170 countries and territories. 

  • Where are we going?

    Throughout our expansion we have remained true to the philosophy that is at the heart of our corporate culture. Our aim is to help build a more prosperous society with a business that values respect and fairness and which grows in harmony with the global community. We strive to enhance the quality of people’s lives by using our skills and advanced technologies to create great new products and services.