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Zero accidents

Our ultimate goal: a future without traffic fatalities or injuries
1.35 million lives are lost per year in traffic accidents worldwide. Through our strong focus on ‘safety first’, we aim to help bring this number to zero.
  • Highest safety standard

    For the goal of zero traffic accidents, advanced driver assistance systems monitor everything going on around Toyota or Lexus vehicles. To make our cars even safer, we are working to integrate autonomous driving features based on our Mobility Teammate Concept: the belief that people and cars powered by connected systems and AI can work together to realise safe driving. To improve passive safety features that protect people in the unfortunate event of a crash, we study past collisions, and even possible collisions, using our world-class THUMS (Total Human Model for Safety) technology.

  • Supporting road safety community

    People and infrastructure play vital roles in road safety. That is why, since 2006, we have been supporting the European Transport Safety Council (ETSC). ETSC provides impartial expert advice to the European Commission, the European Parliament, and national governments. It also promotes effective measures and best practices in areas with the greatest potential for reducing transport crashes and casualties. We are supporting ETSC activities such as REVIVE to improve post-collision emergency response, and the Road Safety Performance Index PIN, a policy tool to maximise road safety. 

  • Automated Driving

    First and foremost, Toyota is committed to automated driving because the technology could prevent crashes caused by human error. Toyota’s approach to automated driving includes Mobility Teammate Concept, Chauffeur and Guardian™, to realise mobility that is safe, accessible and convenient.

  • Passive Safety & THUMS

    Passive safety equipment such as seat belts and airbags, as well as a car’s body structure, are crucial to minimise the impact of a collision. We pursue real-world safety without compromise through continuous analysis and innovation.