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Quality everywhere, in everything
Our mission is to minimise customer inconvenience. Our customers therefore determine our quality. In the true spirit of Kaizen, this mission never ends.
  • The voices of our customers

    Our customers are the most important people to listen to when it comes to understanding what Toyota quality means. Their independent views and experiences with their vehicles tell us whether our quality goals are being met. Their feedback gives us the real-world information we need to make improvements and produce ever-better cars.

    We are always ready to listen to the voices of our customers and we pay equal attention to criticism as to praise. Quality does not just refer to the products we deliver, but also to the quality of work we do in all our business areas and for all ‘internal’ customers.

  • The voices of employees

    The people who work in our manufacturing plants around the world take great personal pride in what they do. Their commitment to doing the best job at every step is fundamental to ensuring we deliver the highest quality products to our customers. Every member of our workforce understands the importance of never passing poor quality onto the next stage of the process. This means we tackle issues at the moment they occur, preventing more serious problems from developing. This approach extends all the way from R&D, through production to our after-sales services and even amongst our office workers.

"Quality is the result of everyone’s efforts".

Peter Rade, Vice President Quality of Toyota Motor Europe

  • Quality is everywhere, in everything

    We put quality at the heart of everything we do. True to the principle of kaizen, we are always looking at how we can make improvements. This is so we can be sure of delivering the best quality products and services to our customers. Through our transition to a mobility company, we remain true to our quality heritage and pursue the same level of quality in everything we do. From how we interact with our customers in this ever-changing digital world to achieving carbon-neutrality. 

  • Our quality philosophy

    Our approach to quality is based on the Jikotei Kanketsu philosophy: “to ensure that defects are never passed on to the next process.” It means that every member of the workforce takes ownership for the quality of their job. Anyone, including our plant workers, identifying a problem in a part or process can raise an alert and can potentially stop production so that a solution can be found. This results in consistent quality at every stage of every process.

  • Ask ‘why’ five times

    We aim for “zero defect” in all production processes. Problems give us opportunities to make improvements and ensure good quality. It is therefore important to find out the root cause when something goes wrong, so that it can be put right and prevented from happening. For this reason we ask ‘why’ five times in every matter.

  • From Concept to Customer

    Our ideals and our pride in our manufacturing will continue to ensure that at every stage, from design, development and production through to customer use, our vehicles will be of the highest quality, durability and environmental performance.

  • Quality History & Traditions

    From day one, Toyota has prioritised high quality in its products and services. Over the years we have introduced principles and processes to ensure that our quality levels continue to improve.