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Toyota closes Q1 2023 in pole position

Toyota closes Q1 2023 in pole position as Ireland’s best-selling car brand
  • Toyota continues its market-leading dominance, closing out the first quarter of 2023 with a share of 14.62%
  • 8,498 Toyota cars sold, with 2,350 registrations in March alone
  • Hybrid electric continues to drive growth, making up 88.4% of all Toyota passenger cars sold in the first quarter


Toyota continues its dominance as Ireland’s best-selling car brand for three years in a row by closing out 2023’s first quarter in pole position with a leading market share of 14.62%. Toyota sold 8,498 passenger cars in Q1 2023, 2,199 more than the next best seller, and saw 2,350 registrations in March alone. Toyota accounted for five of the top 10 best-selling models, with the Yaris Cross, Toyota C-HR, Corolla, Yaris and RAV4 all posting impressive numbers.

The driver behind Toyota’s leading market share is the growing demand for its wide range of low-emission, hybrid electric vehicles, with sales of hybrid electric making up an impressive 88.4% of all Toyota passenger cars sold between January and March 2023. Diesel market share continues to fall, dropping from 44% in 2020 to 23.4% in 2023 and reflecting the shift from diesel to more environmentally friendly options. Toyota firmly believes hybrids are playing a vital role in easily moving people away from diesel vehicles, thanks to their affordability, accessibility, and the added convenience of not having to plug in to charge.

Commenting on the Q1 2023 sales period, Zoe Bradley, Head of Marketing Communications and Corporate Affairs at Toyota Ireland, said,

Our ambition is to offer a mainstream alternative to diesel passenger cars, and we do so by providing the widest range of hybrid models on the market to ensure all customers can choose a car that their lifestyle as well as being within their budget.  It is encouraging to see the continued demand for lower-emission, hybrid electric vehicles, and we are confident our hybrid strategy will continue to drive the switch away from diesel this year.

We look forward to seeing what the rest of the year brings, with exciting new models like the 1.8L Corolla Cross coming to dealerships this summer and good supplies of much-loved models for the coming months offering customers a wide range of hybrid models to choose from as part of their smart environmental choices.”