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41% Plan to Make the Move to Electrified Motoring for Next Car Purchase

New Irish research reveals:

Key Findings:

  • 29% plan to make the move to hybrid electric for next car purchase
  • 71% vastly underestimate number of diesel cars on Irish roads
  • Toyota’s solid state battery technology to address EV range (44%) and charging times (37%) concerns


11th December 2023 – New research* commissioned by Toyota Ireland has found that 41% of drivers plan to buy either a hybrid electric or fully electric vehicle for their next car purchase, with 29% opting for hybrid electric and 12% for fully electric.  Just 22% plan to buy a petrol car for their next vehicle, 15% will go diesel, and 19% are unsure of their next move.

The research coincides with Toyota’s new brand campaign, ‘Make the Move’ which encourages drivers to move away from diesel and harmful emissions and experience the electrified freedom that comes with a Toyota hybrid electric. 1.4m** diesel cars are still driven in Ireland today, which would surprise 71% of those surveyed who vastly underestimated the figure.

The new ‘Make The Move’ campaign represents a new chapter for Toyota Ireland’s Built for a Better World brand platform, bringing to life the joy and fun of driving hybrid electric or the joy of moving to hybrid electric. With distinctive Irish cues and landmarks, the narrative centres around the happiness and freedom which comes from driving hybrid – whether that’s the confidence of driving with no need to plug in, or the pure joy brought by driving hybrid electric, knowing that you have made a move towards more sustainable motoring.

Key Considerations

When it comes to buying a car, the top three considerations for Irish drivers are price (60%), followed by fuel efficiency (48%) and the size of the car (32%). Surprisingly, given the current climate situation only 14% chose environmental impact as their top consideration falling behind driving comfort (15%) engine size (16%) and appearance (22%)

For the majority of those planning to buy a hybrid electric vehicle, 58% are motivated by the lower cost of running than a diesel or petrol car, 57% say it’s better for the environment, and 43% agree they will save money on fuel and motor tax in the long run. Toyota Ireland, Ireland’s best-selling car brand for the last three years, has the largest range of hybrid electric vehicles on the market.

Toyota has led the change in sustainable motoring for more than 25 years, with its hybrid electrics accounting for almost 90% of its entire annual sales. Hybrids are playing a vital role in helping people move away from diesel vehicles, thanks to their affordability, accessibility, and added convenience of not having to plug in to charge. Moving to hybrid electric vehicles from petrol or diesel also has an immediate effect in reducing CO2 and NOX emissions.

For those on the fence about going fully electric, the top concerns are price (60%), followed by the availability of charging points (47%), and range when driving long distances (44%) whilst 37% are deterred by perceived lengthy charge times.  However, the majority of these issues may well be a thing of the past thanks to Toyota’s recent news about its forthcoming next generation BEVs (battery electric vehicles) including solid state batter technology, which is expected in 2027-2028 and will ultimately see BEV ranges boosted up to 1200km on a single charge and zero to 80% charging in just 10 minutes.

Commenting on the research findings, Zoë Bradley, Head of Marketing and Corporate Affairs, Toyota Ireland said, “This new nationally representative survey of Irish car drivers once again underlines the pivotal role that hybrid electrics are playing in Ireland’s move to more sustainable, electrified motoring.

“We are heartened to see the majority of  Irish drivers planning on making the move to an electrified model for their next car purchase and are proud to be leading the charge in developing a solution that will address the mass market concerns with full battery electric and significantly help us on our way to zero emissions motoring in the not too distant future.”


The ‘Make a Move’ campaign launched across TV, radio, Toyota.ie and Toyota Ireland’s social media channels. For more information, please visit https://www.toyota.ie/make-the-move


For further information please contact:

Lauren Hennessy – Toyota

087 3961118 | lhennessy@toyota.ie

Kotryna Cikanaviciute – Teneo

083 307 1125 | kotryna.cikanaviciute@teneo.com


*Research refers to research conducted by 3Gem in October 2023. The sample size included 750 people who drive.  

**Cartell figures