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Toyota Fuel Cell

A proven zero-emission solution to drive the hydrogen economy
Our fuel cell business is developing rapidly. We want to make our proven fuel cell technology more widely available to achieve carbon neutrality and drive the further growth of the hydrogen economy in Europe and beyond.  
  • The catalyst for the hydrogen economy

    Toyota introduced fuel cell technology in passenger cars back in 2014 with the Mirai. The same basic technology, repackaged in a versatile fuel cell system, is transferrable to other applications. Examples include buses, trucks, boats, trains and generators. As a fuel cell system supplier, we can already show concrete examples of what we are doing to drive the development of the hydrogen economy of the future. This is through our own products, as well as through sales of fuel cell systems to fuel cell product customers. We are also stimulating the hydrogen economy by providing fuel cell related patents for free. 

  • Fuel cell system supplier

    The fuel cell business is surging, and our technology is proven in multiple applications today, where it is contributing greatly to carbon-neutral solutions. There is a clear demand from many customers in diverse industries for a fuel cell system that is easy to adapt to their own products. Responding to these needs, we are providing our highly advanced fuel cell system in an easy-to-use form. In parallel, we are continuing to research several technologies and introduce them at the right time, in the right place, and in the right applications. 

  • Fuel Cell Technology 

    Toyota has been investing in fuel cell technology since 1992. Through our most recent technological developments we are now able to offer fuel cell modular systems for applications beyond automotive.

  • Fuel Cell Applications

    Toyota fuel cell solutions are appropriate for high-load and long-range applications like buses, trucks, boats and trains. They have also been successfully demonstrated for stationary generators.

  • Fuel Cell Business

    To make hydrogen mainstream, the way forward is to increase volume to generate economies of scale and reduce cost. To expand the use of fuel cells, Toyota has formed a new business group to more easily work with partners.