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Toyota premieres all-new Toyota Prius Plug-In Hybrid in Europe

  • Fifth generation Prius with striking new look and enhanced plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) technology
  • Plug-in Hybrid only with enhanced battery pack and all-round evolution to create a super-efficient hybrid system
  • EV driving range of up to 69 km* allowing more journeys to be fully electrified
  • 19 grams CO2 per km* – efficient hybrid system with dual DNA 
  • Peace of mind through T-Mate and latest generation Toyota Safety Sense for enhanced risk detection and active safety


Toyota presents the European premiere of the eye-catching fifth-generation Toyota Prius, which writes the next chapter in a pioneering story of engineering innovation and dynamic design, maintaining its proud tradition of challenging convention.

The Prius is known for its famously distinctive styling, which is reborn and taken to a new, more dynamic level with the arrival of the fifth generation. Its coupe-like silhouette is immediately catching the eye, evoking a strong emotional response. It is built on the second-generation GA-C platform of the Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA), which reduces weight and increases rigidity for a captivating driving experience and serene ride.

Indicative pricing will be revealed in early 2023, and customers who are keen to get in early on the fifth-generation Toyota Prius can register interest today at https://www.toyota.ie/models/coming-soon/prius-plugin


Commenting on the fifth-generation Prius, Zoe Bradley, Head of Marketing Communications and Corporate Affairs in Toyota Ireland said: “The Toyota Prius has been an iconic part of the Toyota story since its launch in 1997, and we are thrilled to premiere the next generation Plug-in Hybrid model.

The Prius is renowned for its iconic wide shape, and Toyota is now delighted to unveil an eye-catching silhouette which has been inspired by the natural flow of air. The fifth-generation Prius maintains its original flair, with unnecessary forms and lines removed to create a more contemporary look.

With a leading range of Hybrid vehicles, Toyota is committed to reducing emissions and achieving carbon neutrality. As the iconic model that began our electrified motoring journey, the fifth-generation Prius is continuing this journey with Toyota’s new generation Plug-in Hybrid system which includes 50% longer EV capabilities. This latest generation embodies the Prius’ pioneering spirit, and we hope our customers are excited for its arrival in mid-2023.”

Since its launch in 1997, the Prius has made a lasting impact on Toyota and the world, establishing itself as an authentic automotive icon by emphasising electrification and fearlessly setting future trends. The new generation, which will be available exclusively as a Plug-in Hybrid in Europe, takes the next step in that journey.

Toyota is committed to carbon neutrality, and the Hybrid technology originally pioneered by the Prius continues to contribute significantly to the transition towards zero emissions. The new Plug-in Prius strengthens Toyota’s multi-technology line-up, which also includes battery electric (BEV) and fuel cell electric (FCEV) solutions, by delivering increased efficiency and accessible carbon reduction.

As a path-finder for new technologies, the Prius has always inspired the future of other models and the latest generation continues that pioneering spirit. It introduces Toyota’s new generation Plug-in Hybrid system, an all-round evolution with enhanced output via an increased high-capacity battery and an ultra-low combined WLTP CO2 emissions rating of 19 g/km* (subject to homologation), the lowest ever for a Prius.

That makes the Prius truly a car with a dual DNA: an EV range long enough to allow fully electrified daily driving on most journeys, combined with the flexibility and convenience an extremely efficient hybrid for longer distances.

Any journey, whether a short urban route or longer road trip, is sure to engage the senses thanks to a more powerful motor generator and two-litre engine engage with a combined 223 DIN hp (164kW) for strong and responsive acceleration.


Driving Performance

A new fifth generation hybrid system achieves an all-round evolution of the driving experience on the plug-in Prius, providing more power and greater efficiency. The TNGA 2.0l engine produces 152 DIN hp (112kW*) and combines with a new 163 DIN hp (120kW*) transaxle front motor for a total system output of 223 DIN hp (164kW*). Compared to the current generation’s 122 DIN hp (90kW) in Plug-in Hybrid configuration, the increased power ensures strong and responsive acceleration.

With a target of allowing most daily driving to be undertaken in EV mode, EV range is up to 69 kilometres* thanks to a new 13.6kWh lithium-ion battery. Higher energy density cells allow for optimised packaging of the battery pack, now compact enough to be installed under the rear passenger seat, lowering the centre of gravity.