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Fuel Cell Technology

Another step towards sustainable mobility
Instead of being powered by a combustion engine, fuel cell vehicles (FCV’s) are powered by fuel cell stacks, which generate electricity from a reaction between hydrogen and oxygen from the air.
  • Zero emissions

    Not only do they offer zero emissions, as they only emit water, but FCVs are highly energy efficient, and the hydrogen used in them can be manufactured from natural energies such as solar and wind.

  • Hybrid at its heart

    At the heart of our fuel cell cars is the hybrid technology we have developed over many years, and both of these work together in tandem.

    At low speeds such as when driving in town, our FCV works just like any electric car by running on energy stored in its battery. When slowing down, the battery is re-charged as the electric motor becomes a generator, capturing braking energy and sending it back to the battery.

    Away from the city when cruising at higher speeds, the battery is no longer used, and the hydrogen fuel cell alone powers the electric motor.When more power is needed, for example during sudden acceleration, the battery supports the fuel cell system – with both engines working together in harmony.

  • Sustainable future

    With performance goals met in areas such as sub-zero start-up, where we can achieve successful starts at -30º C, we are striving to make our vision of sustainable motoring widely available as soon as possible.

  • Fuel cell concept FCV-R

    Our FCV-R concept car had its world premier at the Tokyo Motor show in 2011, and paved the way for the next step towards mass-produced hydrogen fuelled cars.

    Hidden underneath the aerodynamic body was a smaller fuel cell stack than previous FCV’s and two hydrogen fuel tanks were located beneath the vehicle’s floor. Both cabin and luggage space were maximised to make a very practical family car.

    Providing a driving range from its two hydrogen tanks of 700km, whilst generating no harmful emissions, the FCV-R really caught everyone’s attention.

  • Fuel cell concept FCV

    The electric-blue FCV is our pioneering hydrogen-powered fuel cell concept car, and the best news is it’s on track for general sale in 2015.

    Fitted with the world’s highest power density fuel cell currently available, and a high-efficiency boost converter to increase the systems voltage, the FCV provides a higher level of performance at a lower price. Not only does our concept car have a driving range of at least 500km, it takes roughly three minutes to refuel, and has space for four people and their luggage.

    Incredibly, fully fuelled it can provide enough electricity to meet the daily needs of an average home for more than a week.