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The 2020s and beyond

What can we expect the future to look like?
We aim to make mobility available to all, built on our belief that everyone should have the freedom to move without restrictions. We will continue to tailor mobility to customer needs by creating solutions that are exciting and help people enjoy cleaner, safer, less stressful and more connected lives.
  • Leading the way to carbon neutrality

    In the next decade and beyond, we want every customer to have the opportunity to reduce their carbon footprint without delay. That’s why we are keeping many options open with a wide range of electrified powertrains. Our increasing number of practical and affordable zero emissions vehicles will push forward electrification across many different fronts. In addition, our continued commitment to our multi-tech approach is paired with efforts to develop a whole portfolio of technologies to reach our goal of carbon neutrality, including in our manufacturing, logistics and sales network. 

  • So much more than a car company

    On our journey from a car company to a mobility company we build on the fundamental values that have shaped our legacy and continue to create new ways to move and connect our customers. In early 2020 we launched KINTO. The ultimate goal of this dedicated, single mobility brand is to bring relevant and accessible mobility products and services to all people, ensuring that no one is left behind. In 2021, all mobility services moved to KINTO Europe, with headquarters in Cologne, Germany. It oversees services such as car subscriptions, car sharing, car pooling and multi-modal solutions.

  • The mobility society of the future

    The technological revolution in Connectivity, Autonomous, Shared and Electric (CASE) is speeding up. Cars are becoming connected to communities and people’s lives. At the Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020, we integrated mobility and information in coordination with the community with our battery electric e-Palette. In 2021 we launched our Woven City project to demonstrate cutting edge technologies in automated driving, mobility as a service, personal mobility and AI in a real-life environment. In other words, Toyota is continuing to realise the mobility society of the future. 

  • Riding the hydrogen wave

    We also remain committed to advance our hydrogen technology beyond cars to reduce CO2 and achieve carbon neutrality. We believe that hydrogen is one of the key building blocks in CO2 reduction. For this reason we have made our fuel cell technology available in easy-to-use modules for partner applications. In 2022 we started the European production of our second-generation fuel cell modules by our manufacturing team in Europe, at Toyota Motor Europe’s Research and Development facility in Zaventem, Brussels.

The 2020s in Europe