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From Concept to Customer

Quality at every stage
Our ideals and our pride in our manufacturing will continue to ensure that at every stage, from design, development and production through to customer use, our vehicles will be of the highest quality, durability and environmental performance.
  • Designing quality

    The job of building the highest quality into our vehicles starts right from the initial design process. The development stage of a new product or component is a crucial time for identifying and addressing any problems. Taking action at an early stage can prevent more serious and harder-to-fix issues occurring closer to production.

  • Rigorous testing

    To understand how our vehicles will perform in the hands of our customers, we carry out thorough research and testing, both in the laboratory and on real roads. Every new model undergoes rigorous testing, using computer modelling, laboratory tests and thousands of kilometres of real-world driving, in extreme conditions. The data we collect is scrutinised to ensure that when customers drive the vehicle, performance is outstanding.

  • 40 times around the world

    Real-world testing over thousands of kilometres on public roads

  • > 100°C difference

    Testing in extreme conditions

  • 100% confirmation

    All data collected is scrutinized to ensure perfect performance

European Durability Test

The European Durability Test is a rigorous assessment of how our new models perform in contrasting climates and on different quality road surfaces found across the continent. Each new vehicle will cover more than 100,000 km of driving, including Arctic trials in northern Sweden, rough road driving in Russia, and smooth, fast highway cruising in Germany. The data produced is analysed to detect any issues and enable improvements or corrections to be made before the vehicle goes on public sale.

  • Development quality

    Taking action in the early development stage of a new product can prevent serious and harder-to-fix issues occurring closer to production. We use a methodology called “Design Review Based on Failure Mode” (DRBFM) as a PROACTIVE preventive technique. Designers focus on areas of change, pinpoint any potential problem areas, and apply knowledge they have gained from previous projects. They then work on producing design solutions which are reviewed by experts and specialists. Our young engineers are given specialist training in DRBFM to develop the advanced technical skills to meet future design challenges.

  • 48h maximum

    48h after dealer report for safety related issues.

  • 100% reports shared

    100% of the reports from the customers in the markets are analysed.

  • 100% customer satisfaction

    Complete customer satisfaction at every stage: work quality, product quality, sales and service quality

  • Quality assured in every vehicle

    We invest in people, training and ways of working to ensure every vehicle we make is of the highest quality. And that it meets the high standards we set and strive to go beyond. Everyone on the production line has a responsibility to ensure quality at every stage. Such a personal engagement in the job culminates in the quality assurance checks that are carried out before any vehicle leaves the factory.

  • Skilled workforce

    We provide comprehensive training to all our employees. This ranges from apprenticeships for young people starting, to regular skills development opportunities for our established workforce. Experience and knowledge are shared across generations, strengthening the commitment to quality. The workforce that carries out the thousands of checks we insist on, are proud of what they do to ensure that every customer will be delighted with their vehicle’s safety and quality.

  • Improving by listening

    Our commitment to quality does not end when we hand over the vehicle to the customer. Through vehicle recalls and our customer service and satisfaction campaigns, we ensure quality issues are recognised and addressed when and where necessary. We always listen to what our customers have to say and use their opinions and experiences to make improvements. Feedback and data are collected from our dealers and our suppliers. We also closely monitor customer opinions gathered by third parties, such as newspapers, magazines and on-line publications.