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Toyota is proud to be an official sponsor to both the Olympic and Paralympic Games. And we are honoured to be the official partner of Ireland's Paralympic team. Toyota believes in breaking down barriers to mobility, to create a more inclusive society. It is a belief perfectly exemplified by the achievements of our incredible Paralympians.

Our Start Your Impossible campaign showcases the talents of some of Ireland's finest athletes: Ellen Keane, Nicole Turner and Jordan Lee. It celebrates their passion and total dedication to their sport.

Meet The Athletes

Ellen Keane | Paralympic Swimmer | Class S9, Amputee

Ellen Keane, aged 29, is a beacon of inspiration in the world of Paralympic swimming. She was Ireland’s youngest ever athlete at the 2008 Beijing Paralympic games and has since won many medals including the only gold medal from the European Para-swimming championships and another phenomenal win at the Tokyo 2021 Olympic games.

With her relentless drive and ambition, we are delighted to be supporting Ellen at her 5th Paralympic Games. 


Nicole Turner | Paralympic Swimmer | Class S6, Short Stature

Nicole Turner, at just 22 years old, has established herself as a formidable force in Paralympic swimming. She made her international debut at the 2015 British Para-Swimming International Meet where she secured a silver medal. Nicole’s hard work and determination have made her an inspiration to many others around the world. 

Nicole has garnered many of the highest honours including a silver medal from the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games. Most recently Nicole has earned Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals at the 2024 Para Swimming European Championships.

Born with hypochondroplasia, a condition affecting her stature, her meteoric rise continues to inspire us all. 

Jordan Lee | Paralympic High Jumper | Class T47

Jordan Lee is a remarkable Irish athlete and towering figure in the world of High Jumps.  Born with a foreshortened arm, Jordan became one of the first one-handed players to represent Ireland Nationally in the world.

Jordan has notably secured medals at both the Paralympic and the European Championships - and is one of very few Para Athletes to have won a National Championship in Able Bodied Competition. 

His wins include a bronze medal at the 2018 European Championships. His dedication and resilience has set him apart from his peers. Jordan runs “Jordan’s Drives” in his free time – a countrywide tour where he shares his personal experiences with disabilities across schools in Ireland.

Jordan is a proud ambassador of Kelliher's Toyota in his native County Kerry. 


Toyota is the Worldwide Official Mobility Partner of the International Olympic Committee and the International Paralympic Committee because we seek to push people further—past their finish line, past their impossible.

Working with the International Olympic and Paralympic Committees to help athletes reach their dreams is just one part of our wholehearted commitment to unleashing human potential through the power of movement.

Toyota Ireland is a proud sponsor of Paralympics Ireland and looking forward to supporting all of the athletes in Paris.