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Battery Electric Vehicles

Battery power for all-electric driving
Toyota’s battery electric vehicles (BEVs) are a core element in our carbon-neutrality strategy. As the company’s line-up of zero emission vehicles expands, we will offer our customers accessible battery electric models across all market segments. 
  • Rapid expansion of battery electric vehicles

    By 2030, we will offer at least 30 BEV models and expect to sell around 3.5 million BEVs a year globally. In Europe, our BEV line-up will expand to ten models by 2025. To maximise their full carbon reduction potential, our vision for BEVs is to ensure they are sustainable, accessible and affordable for everyone. A critical factor in their success will be the provision of a universal charging infrastructure across the region that accesses renewable green energy. 

  • BEVs that meet all customer needs

    Accessible BEVs means providing a full line-up across all segments to meet diverse customer needs. Lexus Electrified will compete in the premium market while Toyota will serve the broadest parts of the automotive market. Some of our BEV models will be produced on dedicated e-TNGA EV platforms. They are designed with smart, built-in flexibility allowing a range of different vehicles, each optimised to meet specific customer needs. Other BEV models will be built on our multi-technology architecture. It enables us to build BEVs, HEVs and PHEVs on the same platform and change the mix as customer demand evolves. 

  • Introducing the Toyota bZ brand

    bZ stands for ‘beyond Zero’, a new BEV sub-brand that reinforces Toyota’s continuing focus on environmental leadership. bZ also signals that we are looking beyond zero emissions when it comes to future mobility: You & the environment, You & your car, You & other, You & society. The first model within our new bZ sub-brand is the bZ4X SUV. From the outset, bZ is designed as a family of models in different segments to fully meet the needs of European customers. Development of the Toyota bZ series is based on BEV-specific platforms jointly developed by Toyota and Subaru.  

  • Lexus all-electrified

    Lexus aims to be 100% battery electric by 2030 in western Europe, North America and China, and globally by 2035. UX 300e marks Lexus’ entry into this segment. Building on a world-class reputation for battery technology and durability, this first all-electric Lexus benefits from the luxury carmaker’s leadership in battery management systems, power control units and electric motors. As its BEV line-up expands, Lexus will develop a next-generation battery electric sports car that will inherit the driving qualities of the Lexus LFA, which we will then extend to other Lexus EV models. 

  • A customer-centric BEV ecosystem

    From the outset, we strive to ensure anxiety-free BEV ownership that meets all  customer needs for connected and charging services. We have developed a user-friendly e-mobility ecosystem to deliver the best customer experience with simplicity and convenience. We provide a one-stop shop solution with the potential to be fully inclusive of maintenance, insurance, connected services, wall box for home or office, and roadside assistance.  

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