Toyota announces Hybrid Advantage event

and offers incentives for going hybrid in 2020
  • Hybrid Advantage event takes place in Toyota dealership across Ireland from 6 – 9th November
  • Latest Toyota offers include APR from 2.9%, trade-in boosters up to €3,000- and 3-years servicing as standard 
  • Largest range of hybrids in Ireland on show

Toyota Ireland is delighted to announce its Hybrid Advantage event in conjunction with its great range of offers available for 201. Demand for Toyota’s huge range of self-charging hybrids has been unprecedented in 2019 with Toyota growing its market share to 10.4% based almost exclusively on sales of hybrids. In fact, hybrid is the fastest growing powertrain in Ireland in terms of volume over the last four years and such is its success that Ireland’s best-selling car, Corolla, and the best-selling SUV, C-HR, are both going hybrid only from 2020.

Hybrid Advantage

The Hybrid Advantage event, which takes place in dealerships across Ireland from the 6 – 9th November, is all about people discovering the myriad benefits of driving self-charging hybrids versus conventionally powered cars.

Toyota will be showcasing the largest range of self-charging hybrid vehicles available in Ireland today, and are making it easier than ever for interested drivers to start their electric journey in hybrid with a range of fantastic offers and finance deals available for 201:

3 Years servicing as standard across all Passenger Car models
  • Aygo – 2.9% APR on x-play+ model 
  • Yaris petrol – Up to €2,500 trade in booster, and 3.9% APR available
Hybrid Models
  • Yaris hybrid – 4.75% APR 
  • RAV4 hybrid – 4.75% APR 
  • Corolla Saloon, Hatchback and Touring Sports hybrid – 3.9% APR, or up to €1,000 trade in booster 
  • New 2020 C-HR – 3.9% APR, or up to €3,000 trade in booster 
  • Camry – 3.9% APR 
  • Prius – 3.9% APR, or up to €3,000 trade in booster
Commercial Models
  • Proace – 3.9% HP 
  • Hilux / Landcruiser – 3.9% HP, or a €2,500 scrappage scheme for eligible vehicles
Hybrid Benefits

At the Hybrid Advantage event, visitors to Toyota dealers nationwide will learn about the phenomenal benefits Toyota hybrids offer compared to diesel and pure petrol-powered vehicles. These benefits include 30% lower maintenance costs and 30% better fuel economy than petrol cars, as well as better resale value than comparative diesels.

In addition, not only do hybrids not need to be plugged in to charge, they all have automatic transmission, which makes for a much more pleasurable, hassle free driving experience, particularly in rush hour traffic.

Toyota’s self-charging hybrids are also better for the environment, producing 90% less Nitrogen Oxide (NOX, emissions that are hazardous to our health and one of the chief causes of harmful air pollution) than diesel engines. Not only are they better for our health, but also kinder to our pockets as they will benefit from lower future taxes.

Also, Toyota’s hybrid range has 21% lower CO2 output compared to the top 10 selling car brands in Ireland, and drive in zero emissions mode more than 60% of the time on average, making them the ideal next step towards electrification for environmentally and cost-conscious drivers.

To provide further peace of mind, all Toyota hybrids come with a 5-year hybrid component warranty, in addition to the three-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Commenting on the Hybrid Advantage event, Steve Tormey, CEO of Toyota Ireland said,

“As part of our brand promise ‘Built for a Better World’, Toyota Ireland continues to look ahead to the future, pioneering in innovative self-charging hybrid technology. We firmly believe hybrid presents the best immediate step for Irish drivers looking to move away from pure fossil fuel powered cars towards electrified driving.

“Just this month, we announced a significant move towards a cleaner and more sustainable motoring future by ending the sale of our petrol Corolla and C-HR models in favour of hybrid, which means 92% of our passenger car sales next year will be full hybrid. This move follows our 2018 declaration that we were ceasing production of diesel passenger cars, and we haven’t looked back since.”

For more information on the Toyota Hybrid Advantage event or the 201 offers please visit

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