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Exterior care

Toyota exterior care products give your car even more presence.

They not only preserve your car’s good looks, they also protect the environment and you – there are special window formulations for safer driving.

Car shampoo

Special, environment-friendly formulation cleans and glosses your car exterior. 

  • Suitable for use on all Toyota paint finishes.
  • Contains wax for a protective, long-lasting gloss.
  • Concentrated formula gives up to 25 washes from one 500ml bottle. 
  • Wadded cap helps avoid leaks.
High gloss car polish

Top quality wax polish for a tough, high gloss protective finish.

  • Protects your car’s paintwork.
  • Guards against water streaks.
  • Long-lasting high gloss shine.
  • Makes repeat cleaning easier.
Wheel cleaner

The easy way to clean dirt and dust from wheels and trims. 

  • Removes ingrained brake dust and traffic film.
  • Suitable for chrome, wire, steel and lacquered alloy wheels.
  • Gives your wheels a fresh clean look.
Glass cleaner

Aids safer driving by removing film, grease and marks from the windows. 

  • For exterior and interior windows and mirrors.
  • Fast and effective clearance of traffic film, insects, grease and tobacco residue.
  • Smear-free finish for maximum visibility.
  • Delicate lemon fragrance for in-car freshness.
Windscreen washer fluid

Works with your wipers to clear dirt and residues for safer day and night driving.

  • Dissolves and washes away grease, insect, bird and traffic soiling.
  • Enhances wiper blade action. 
  • Gentle on paintwork, rubber, plastics and metals.
  • -10˚C, -20˚C, -40˚C and -50˚C formulations to protect against freezing.
  • May be diluted with water for summer driving.

Fast-acting aerosol for clearing frost and ice from your car’s windows and mirrors.

  • Essential for winter and cold weather safety.
  • Contains anti-freeze to help maintain clear windows.
  • Easy to use spray for quick results.