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Walk Around Check

When you visit a Toyota Authorised Repairer we aim to deliver a professional and transparent service that you can trust, every time. The Walk Around Check is a free inspection of your car's condition.

Totally Free

Before we carry out any services or repairs at your request the service advisor at the Toyota Authorised Repairer will perform a free inspection of your car's condition.

Ensures Safety & Performance

Ensures your Toyota performs at the level you expect and keeps you safe on the roads.

Comprehensive Reporting

Get a detailed report on your car's condition with a clear explanation of the price and timings of any needed work.

After the Walk Around Check is carried out you’ll receive a written report on the following elements of your car:

  • Condition and fit of floor mats - An inspection to ensure the mats are not interfering with the operation of your car’s pedals.
  • Condition of the windscreen - Advice on any scratches or chips that need to be monitored or repaired.
  • Condition of wiper blades and mechanism - Inspection to ensure no juddering, jumping, or streaking across the screen.
  • Condition of tyres - Inspection of each tyre tread to ensure you get the right grip and braking distance on the road.
  • Condition of bodywork - Inspection to advise you of any scratches. 
  • Condition of all lights - All lights will be inspected to ensure they are in good working order.

This completed report will detail your car's condition with a full explanation of the highlighted areas along with a summary of how much work is required and the cost and timings involved.


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