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  • Intelligently electrified

    The new Corolla Hatchback builds on Toyota’s rich legacy of Hybrid Electric innovation and excellence to deliver a driving experience of unrivalled fun and efficiency. Self-charging for outstanding convenience, its powertrain combines the tireless performance of a petrol engine with clean and powerful electric drive in one low-emission, no-compromise solution.

Comfortable and in control

A pleasure to drive, the new Corolla Hatchback’s refined handling upgrades every journey with complete control and a high level of driver confidence. Ride comfort is outstanding on every kind of road surface thanks to the Corolla’s rigid body structure.

The thrill of control

Agile, responsive and with a neutral cornering balance, the Corolla features a light and direct steering system and tuned suspension front and rear. The result is an intuitive connection between car and driver. Turn the steering wheel and the Corolla’s responses are instant and natural, for a rewarding and secure driving experience.

Electric without the hassle

The Corolla Hatchback’s fifth-generation Hybrid Electric system is our most advanced yet. No different to a normal vehicle to use, it offers class-leading fuel efficiency and low emissions without ever having to worry about range. Refuel as usual, and because Toyota’s Hybrids are self-charging they don’t require plugging in or charging.