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An owner’s manual for your vehicle is only available online, in keeping with Toyota’s aim to produce a more efficient and ease of access for customers to search the content.

It is possible you may download a pdf of the manual free of charge from this link

Alternatively please contact your Toyota dealer who has access to a comprehensive list of available parts and will be happy to check the cost and availability of a hard copy of an owner’s manual for your vehicle. 

In order to obtain a Certificate of Conformity for your vehicle please forward a request to the below email address and submit the following information.
1. Your full name and postal address details
2. A copy (front and back) of the vehicle registration certificate.

Please note for Toyota passenger vehicles produced for and registered in Ireland we should be in a position to provide you with a COC for your vehicle.  For commercial vehicles confirmation will be required 

In order to obtain a Certificate of Conformity for your imported Toyota model it will be necessary for you to contact the original distributing market for your vehicle. Toyota Ireland can only provide a Certificate of Conformity for vehicles, produced for and originally registered in the Republic of Ireland, and distributed by Toyota Ireland directly for the Irish Market.  

We have made it as quick and easy as possible for you to check if your Toyota is affected by a recall issue. All you need to do is have your Vehicle Registration or Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) to hand to be able to check for a recall.

This information can be found on your car, usually where the dashboard meets the windscreen and/or on the passenger side door post where the door latches when it’s closed.

It is also available on your Vehicle Licencing Certificate.

Please access the recall checker through this link.

By clicking on the “Check for a Recall” button you can also book an appointment on-line with your local Toyota Dealer/Authorised Repairer to have any outstanding recall carried out free of charge.

Non-EU vehicles must be presented at a Toyota Dealer/Authorised Repairer, where a Private Export Campaign Information Form is completed by the Dealer. This will be forwarded to the originating market who will advise on whether a campaign is outstanding. 

We are happy to advise that any Toyota manufacturing recalls for Pan European vehicles, applicable in Ireland, may be completed in a Toyota dealer/Authorised Repairer

It is not possible to have a Toyota recall campaign completed with your own mechanic. A Toyota recall campaign may only be completed with a Toyota dealer/Authorised Repairer

Please note: We are obliged to write to all current vehicle owners as per the data supplied by the Department of Transport. If you are no longer the owner of the vehicle or if the vehicle has been scrapped, please inform the Department of Transport to have the vehicle/owner status corrected on 0818 411 412 

It may be useful for you to request from the Irish VRT office exactly which pieces of information they require in order for them to complete the re-registration of your vehicle in Ireland.

For technical queries/issues with your vehicle the best place to have these resolved is at your Toyota Dealer/Authorised Repairer. Please follow the link to find your preferred Toyota dealer/Authorised repairer.

For technical queries/issues with your vehicle the best place to have these resolved is at your Toyota Dealer/Authorised Repairer.  Please follow the link to find your preferred Toyota dealer/Authorised repairer.

If the radio presently in your vehicle is the original manufacturers unit a code will not be required, however if this is not the original radio you will need to contact the radio manufacturer.

We would recommend that you contact the aftersales department of a Toyota dealer/Authorised Repairer who has access to a comprehensive list of available parts.

Please follow this link to find your preferred Toyota dealer/Authorised repairer

We would recommend that you contact the aftersales department of a Toyota dealer/Authorised Repairer.  Proof of ownership of the vehicle will be required.

Please follow this link to find your preferred Toyota dealer/Authorised repairer.

Please follow the link to find details of your preferred Toyota dealer/Authorised Repairer. 

Tyres are covered separately by the respective tyre manufacturer. Your Toyota dealer will be in the best position to advise you should you have any concerns in relation to the tyre performance.  

Toyota Ireland is a member of WEEE Ireland, supporting collective take back and recycling of waste batteries.  Your Toyota Dealer will dispose of your old battery free of charge when you buy or have your new battery fitted by your Toyota dealer. To find your Toyota dealer details please click this link.

It should be noted there are best practices for maintaining the health of the 12v battery particularly in the times where vehicles are not being used regularly. Indeed, trickle charging is an option in cases where vehicles are parked up for extended periods.

All vehicle 12-volt batteries, no matter what marque of vehicle one may drive will require the owners to perform regular maintenance. It is best practice to schedule this regularly during these times and by doing these simple tips you can be assured you will keep the battery in a healthy state of charge, providing that the battery has not already depleted to the extent where it cannot be maintained, as per the below recommendations.

The following is a helpful guide to keep the 12-volt battery healthy.

We recommend you put the car in ‘Ready’ mode for about 60 minutes every 20 to 30 days where the vehicle is inoperable . Please do not leave your car unattended when it is in ‘Ready’ mode.

During the time that that car is in ‘Ready’ mode, you may hear and feel the internal combustion engine kick in; this is a normal part of the charging process. You might be tempted to switch on the radio to pass the time, or turn on other systems, but bear in mind these will consume small amounts of electrical power so it is preferable to leave them off.

Ensure the handbrake is on; there’s no need to go for a drive, although we must stress that this procedure should take place in a well-ventilated area – i.e. only outside and under no circumstances should you do this if your vehicle is parked in an enclosed space/garage

The above steps are essential to also keep the Hybrid battery healthy.

Continued non-use of the vehicle over its lifetime may have a detrimental effect on the Hybrid battery. 

Please refer to the User Guide for your vehicle.

Please contact a Toyota dealer to see the range of Toyota child restraint seats or alternatively please refer to the RSA website for helpful information on child restraint seats. Please follow this link.

Please contact your preferred Toyota Dealer/Authorised repairer.

This feature is only available on certain Toyota model grades. To confirm if this feature is available for your vehicle, we would recommend that you review your owner’s manual.

Toyota ProTect is a revolutionary new way of giving your car a showroom finish.  Toyota ProTect is derived from an advanced NASA coating that works at a molecular level to form a ceramic hardened finish.  Just one application of ProTect at your local Toyota Dealer/ Authorised Repairer is all that’s required for five year’s guaranteed peace of mind.

  • Preserves and shines paintwork.
  • Keeps alloy wheels clean.
  • Creates an invisible shield to care for upholstery.
  • Lasts much longer than traditional wax and advanced polymer sealants.
  • No monthly conservers required.
  • Special treatments for paintwork, alloy wheels and upholstery.
  • Gives your car a long-lasting high gloss finish.
  • Protects against pollution, weather and other atmospheric and natural threats.
  • Hydro-repellent properties prevent water streaking.
  • The smooth coating prevents brake dust staining.

ELVES (End of Life Vehicles) has been set-up by vehicle manufacturers to improve and promote the recycling of scrap vehicles. ELVES has a nationwide network of permitted scrapyards, making is easy for you to find a scrapyard to take your scrap car or small van. ELVES promotes reuse of component parts and recycling of scrap vehicles. For more details and to see a full list of treatment facilities that are ELVES members, visit the Official ELVES website.

Please refer to the owner’s manual for your vehicle.

Please refer to the owner’s manual for your vehicle.

Please refer to the owner’s manual for your vehicle.


The standard Toyota manufacturer’s warranty applicable for the European market*, which your vehicle is subject to, allows it to be transferable between owners.  [* Vehicles must be originally designed, sourced and registered for the European Market] 

If you have purchased the vehicle from another EU country, then the manufacturer’s pan European warranty is valid in Ireland.

If the vehicle originated from outside the Pan European market, there would be no manufacturer’s warranty cover applicable.

The Toyota pan European warranty is applicable in the following countries: Albania, Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Kosovo, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Montenegro, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, The Republic of North Macedonia, The Netherlands and United Kingdom.

The warranty period begins on the date the vehicle is delivered to the first registered owner.

Your Toyota dealer or authorised Toyota repairer will carry out any repairs attributable to a manufacturing defect and covered under the manufacturers Pan European warranty at no charge for parts or labour. Parts may be either repaired or replaced, as decided by Toyota.

 A documented service history in keeping with Toyota’s requirements should also be presented / available to the Toyota dealer and or authorised Toyota dealer. 

The manufacturers Pan European warranty covers any defect that is attributable to a manufacturing or assembly fault under normal use for a period of 3 years or 100,000km, (whichever event occurs first) 
The manufacturers Pan European warranty also covers the cost of towing your vehicle to the nearest Toyota Dealer/Authorised repairer in the event of a breakdown immobilising your vehicle, if that breakdown is the result of a warrantable defect.  

5 years/100,000km Hybrid Warranty

Hybrid vehicles are designed and engineered to minimise the maintenance overhead. There are fewer parts that require servicing and those that do are inherently durable to extend service intervals. Hybrid components within the drivetrain system have a 5yrs/100,000km (whichever event occurs first) warranty to give peace of mind for the following listed components only. 

  • The Hybrid Battery
  • The Hybrid battery electronic control unit
  • The hybrid central electronic control unit
  • The Hybrid inverter and converter

On successful completion of a Hybrid Health Check, you are covered by one year or 15,000 kms Hybrid Battery Extended Care. In the event of a manufacturing issue with your Hybrid battery during this time, we will repair it free of charge. *

Hybrid Battery Extended Care is included when you have a Hybrid Service carried out on your vehicle by the Toyota network. Taxis are only eligible for 5 Hybrid Battery Health Checks.

Toyota are the original Hybrid experts and, apart from you, nobody else cares about your car like we do. So, when you think Hybrid service, think Toyota. With our help you will love your Hybrid for a long time to come.

*Please contact your Toyota dealer for full terms and conditions

Our experts carry out all the hybrid specific checks your car needs to make sure everything is working efficiently and effectively. Having this done annually will mean your Toyota is eligible for a further 1-year/15,000 Kms of Hybrid Battery Extended Care, for manufacturing defects up to a total of 15 years with no mileage limit,

Step 1. Diagnostic test of the hybrid system. 

Step 2. Battery health check.

Step 3. Battery insulation test.

Step 4. Auxiliary battery charging test.

Step 5. Cooling system check.

3 years/Unlimited mileage Paint Warranty 
Surface rust and paint defects appearing on any of the painted body panels due to a fault in material or workmanship are covered by the manufacturers Pan European warranty for 3 years, regardless of the mileage. 

12 years/Unlimited mileage Body Protection Warranty 

The manufacturers Pan European warranty gives 12 years’ coverage (6 years for Hilux), regardless of mileage, against perforation of the bodywork (i.e.any holes through the bodywork from inside to outside) due to corrosion that is attributable to faults in material or workmanship (except pick-up beds which are covered for 3 years).

‘Bodywork’ is defined as any original Toyota sheet metal body panel, including such parts as the engine bonnet, doors, boot lid and floor panel, but excluding parts attached to the body, such as mouldings, bumpers and hinges.

Although modern paints are durable and resistant to many external hazards, they cannot reasonably be expected to be totally resistant to all. You should therefore take particular care with your paintwork. Please read the relevant section in your owner’s manual on paintwork for more details. 

Calcium Chloride and other salts, ice melting agents, road oil and tar, tree sap, bird droppings, and other foreign matter may damage the finish if left on the painted surfaces. 

Any stone chips, fractures or deep scratches in the finish should be repaired promptly. Bare metals may corrode quickly and can possibly develop into major repair expense, not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

 The warranty does not cover corrosion caused by neglect, accident damage or other external influences. Your vehicle must be cared for in compliance with the operating instructions. 

Any defect must be reported to a member of the Toyota authorised repairer network as soon as it is discovered.

When you choose Toyota to service your vehicle, you’ll get expert technicians, who only use genuine parts. And we’ll reward your loyalty with a 12-month Toyota Relax warranty. When your next service is due, if you return to a Toyota Dealer or Authorised Repairer another 12-month Toyota Relax warranty will be activated for your vehicle.  (Please speak to your preferred Toyota dealer/Authorised repairer for full Terms and Conditions)

Toyota accessories are designed and manufactured with the same care, quality and attention to detail as Toyota vehicles. Tailor-made for your Toyota, they fit perfectly and add a personal touch of style, comfort or practicality. As they have been tested under the most severe conditions, you can have complete confidence in their reliability and durability. To add to the reassurance, every genuine Toyota accessory has a 3-year/100,000km warranty when purchased together with a new Toyota vehicle. 


• The vehicle must be maintained in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications and instructions, as set out in the owner’s manual. Failure to do so may invalidate the warranty for maintenance related items. 
• The owner is responsible for keeping all records necessary to prove that such maintenance had been performed, according to manufacturer’s recommendations. 
• In the event of defects requiring warranty work, the owner is obliged to present the vehicle to an Authorised Toyota Dealer/Repairer as soon as possible. This to prevent the defect from escalating and requiring more extensive repairs than would originally have been needed. 

12 months parts and labour, on customer paid repairs.

12 months part only warranty, on over-the-counter parts sales.


Where you are the original registered owner of a Toyota vehicle it would be a matter for the servicing dealer to provide the service history for a vehicle, Toyota Ireland do not hold the service histories presently, for any vehicle.

Electronic vehicle service history for Toyota vehicles is presently not available.

If your Toyota vehicle qualifies for complimentary servicing, it is possible to have your Toyota Free Services completed in any Main Toyota dealer/Authorised Repairer.

Servicing of your Toyota vehicle is strongly recommended at a Main Toyota Dealer/Authorised Repairer. Nobody is better qualified to service your Toyota than our Toyota trained mechanics, using Toyota Genuine Parts. You will then be assured your Toyota is serviced and or repaired to the highest standards and in keeping with Toyota exacting requirements.

It is not obligatory for Toyota owners to have their vehicles serviced by a Main Toyota Dealer/Authorised repairer; however, part of the warranty conditions is that the vehicle is serviced and repaired by the exacting standards set by Toyota and using Toyota genuine parts. If a fault occurs as a result of servicing at a non-Toyota dealer/Authorised Repairer, this may invalidate the warranty. Responsibility for retaining a detailed / documented service records for vehicles serviced outside of the Toyota network is a matter for the customer.

Our Toyota dealer network will be happy to advise you of the likely costs for your scheduled service. To find details for your preferred Toyota Dealer/Authorised repairer, please click this link.

Please refer to the Owner’s Manual for your vehicle or alternatively please contact your preferred Toyota dealer/ Authorised Repairer.

It is important to follow the manufacturers necessary owner’s maintenance requirements / recommendations which then ensures the optimum performance of the vehicle over its lifetime. Missed services may affect your vehicle’s warranty. It is important that the servicing schedule for your vehicle is returned to schedule as soon as possible.

The best way to preserve your vehicle's finish is to keep the vehicle clean by frequent washing (refer to the owner’s manual for more details). Tree sap, bird droppings, salts, ice melting agents, and other external factors, may damage the finish if left on the painted surfaces.

Any stone chips, or deep scratches in the finish should be repaired promptly. Bare metals may corrode quickly and can possibly develop into major repair expense, not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty

Products used for ice and snow melting, and dirt can collect on underbody surfaces. If these materials are not removed, accelerated rusting can occur on the underbody parts. Take care to clean well any area where debris collects. 

Toyota Eurocare

As part of Toyota's commitment to after sales excellence, we have teamed up with Toyota Eurocare offering you roadside assistance with every new Toyota purchased in the Republic of Ireland. Toyota Eurocare is there to give you full of peace of mind for the duration of your 3 year manufacturer’s warranty period.

This complimentary assistance provided by Toyota gives you total motoring peace of mind 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, throughout Ireland, Europe and UK.

Your vehicle will be recovered to the nearest Toyota dealer/Authorised Repairer if it cannot be roadside repaired.

Toyota Eurocare will provide you with a complimentary courtesy vehicle for a period of 3 working days if your vehicle cannot be repaired on a same day basis. Should the vehicle repair take longer than that, further provision of a courtesy vehicle may be provided at the discretion of your retailing Toyota dealer.

You will be required to hold a valid driving license and comply with the courtesy vehicle providers standard terms and conditions.

Alternatively, should a hire car option not be suitable Toyota Eurocare will support alternative means of travel to get you back on your way – whether that be public transport or taxi.

Toyota Eurocare only applies in the event of a breakdown. Hire cars, driving school vehicles and taxis are only covered for roadside assistance and towing.

Your vehicle will be recovered to the nearest Toyota dealer/Authorised Repairer.  We would recommend you contact your vehicle insurer in the case of an RTA.

Toyota Eurocare : 1800 741 700

UK + Europe +35316193640


You can contact YUKO support team by e-mail: 
General enquiries: Support@yuko.toyota.ie 

Membership enquiries: Memberships@yuko.toyota.ie or in an emergency by phone: 016 918 816 
Office Hours  9am - 5pm Monday - Friday 
Afterhours (Handles immediate booking issues only). (Monday - Friday) 5pm - 10pm (Saturday - Sunday) 8am- 10pm 
Accident + Emergency 
24/7 Roadside Assistance: 01 637 3632

Toyota Dealer Rental

For any queries, please download the Toyota Dealer Rental app and contact your nearest participating Toyota dealership.  Alternatively, please follow this link for more information.

Toyota Financial Services

To contact the team about all Toyota finance enquiries:

Tel: 01 5685665

Email: customercare@ie.toyota-fs.com