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How else do we reuse resources?


The world’s growing population and increasing agricultural production make water a more  valuable resource than ever. Globally, we consider water to be a crucial environmental issue  and are focusing on ways in which our business can use less water, reuse, recycle and capture  more to reduce the amount we need to take from public piped supplies.

We set water targets for our businesses worldwide, taking the different environmental  conditions in each country or region into account. These are supported by a wide range of  initiatives, from regular water-saving to ways of reusing wastewater. In line with our  commitment to making sure our facilities have the least possible impact on the environment,  we aim to achieve zero water use from public supplies between 2030 and 2040. 

We are already putting effective measures in place, for example at Toyota Motor  Manufacturing France (TMMF) where much of the water needs are met by rainwater saved in  on-site lagoons and by effective wastewater recycling. As well as using water responsibly, we  also take great care in how we deal with any wastewater from our manufacturing processes.  For example, at our Burnaston factory in the UK we operate an intelligent water management  system that not only deals with the wastewater the plant produces, it also helps protect the  local environment from flooding.  


The efficiency of our production operations worldwide is supported by a Kanban "just-in- time" system, by which our many different suppliers provide the parts we need in the right  number, to the right place, at the right time. It works using dedicated, reusable plastic boxes  and other types of packaging that are designed to hold specific parts so they can be  transported right up to the production line in the most efficient way. The boxes are reusable,  so there are none of the risks of waste associated with cardboard packaging.