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Change is a part of life. From the good to the bad, it shapes who we are and what we do. WellFest is all about making a positive change. Not just to our bodies and minds, but to the environment as well. It’s the perfect gathering of minds, initiatives, and ideas promoting change that will benefit us all. The kind of positive change that Toyota believes in. A shared value that the choices we make today can build a better tomorrow.

Choose to change

25 years ago, we chose to change our business for the sake of the planet. Recognising that climate change would become the dominant issue of our time, we began our pioneering work in revolutionising the car industry. Moving away from the traditional combustible engine and towards an electrified future. Today we can proudly say that Toyota is Ireland’s most electrified car brand, with 95% of the cars sold in 2022 being self-charging hybrid electric cars.

Almost all of our cars are now hybrid, whether it is self-charging hybrid or plug-in hybrid. There’s one to suit everyone, from the Yaris Hybrid, a compact city car, to the elegant Camry Hybrid, the striking Toyota C-HR, and the bold RAV4 plug-in hybrid SUV, to name a few. Be sure to keep an eye out for our fabulous, WellFest themed Yaris, Yaris Cross and Toyota C-HR hybrid cars that will be transporting headline speakers to their stages. They’ll all be on display over the weekend.

Hybrid Advantage

Change takes time, like a new workout or nutrition plan, the benefits are never instant. The same can be said about the environment, make a positive change today and we’ll reap the rewards down the line. A lot has changed since we started our electric journey. Our technology has advanced to the point where the latest Toyota hybrid can now spend up to 80% of its drive time in electric mode in urban areas, meaning that they have lower CO2 than petrol or diesel cars.

Additionally, Toyota hybrids emit much less NOx than diesel cars. NOx is one of the most harmful substances that we breathe in every day. One diesel car produces the same amount of NOx as 29 Toyota Corolla Hybrids, so when you switch to hybrid, you’re reducing your NOx emissions and contributing to cleaner air for everyone.

So, by choosing to drive a Toyota self-charging hybrid electric car you are immediately having a positive impact on the environment and the people around you. Plus, there’s the added bonus of never having to plug it in. It’s no wonder we have been voted Ireland’s number one brand tackling climate change!

There’s more to come

Every day we take another step towards our goal of providing sustainable mobility for all. This year we’re incredibly excited to introduce our latest endeavour, the amazing Toyota bZ4X, our very first fully electric battery vehicle. Efficient and dynamic, this all-electric SUV can achieve a whopping 480km or more on a single full charge. It’s just another example of the massive strides we’ve taken since the start of our electric journey. Drop by our dome at Wellfest and check it out in person or have a look now at Toyota.ie

Drop by

Aside from our all-new bZ4X, and our amazing range of self-charging hybrids on display throughout the festival, we’ll also have our brand new Aygo X on display. This low emissions, SUV-styled small car will make an exclusive appearance at WellFest. Perfectly sized for city and rural drives, and packed with the latest tech, the Aygo X will be the hottest crossover on Irish roads.

And just in case something piques your interest, there’ll be Toyota ambassadors on the ground to take any of your questions. Of course, that’s not all you can get up to at our dome. There’ll be plenty of activities taking place, from sonic baths to guided meditation sessions. Plus, we’ll have some great prizes to be won over the weekend, including the chance to win a stay in the fantastic Finn Lough bubble domes. We can’t wait to see you there.