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Switch from diesel

Why switch from Diesel?

There has never been a better time to make the shift from diesel to a Toyota Self-Charging Hybrid Electric car. And you’re not alone, a new study of Irish motorists conducted by leading research company iReach has revealed that 35% of people are intending to buy a low CO2 emitting self-charging hybrid than any other car type for their next car purchase within the next 12 to 18 months. In fact, of the survey of 1,353 respondents, self-charging hybrid came out on top over diesel, petrol, full electric and plug-in hybrid.

We at Toyota are firmly committed to helping Irish people enjoy cleaner air and a better environment. In 2018, Toyota was the first mainstream firm to drop diesel from its passenger car fleet in the EU. (The Irish Times)

And why do lots of people want to move away from diesel? Well if you’re looking to help with your carbon offset, reduce toxic emissions, save money and never need to worry about plugging in – there is only one option… which is a self-charging hybrid.

But is Diesel so bad?

Let’s talk about NOX:
NOx means nitrogen oxide gases which makes up most of the air pollution – think smog. Nitrogen Oxides are a family of poisonous gases. These gases form when fuel is burned at high temperatures. NOx is proven to have a negative impact on people’s health and can lead to serious illnesses especially in cities with a lot of cars.

One diesel car produces as much NOx as 22 of our Toyota Corolla Hybrids. By choosing a hybrid which emits less NOX mean cleaner air for everyone.

We hope that more companies follow us and move away from diesel passenger cars once and for all for everyone’s benefit.

What are the benefits of Hybrid?

At Toyota, we’ve been ahead of the pack from when we mastered hybrid technology back in 1997, and since have led the world in sustainable mobility. Driving in electric mode up to 80% of the time, reducing emissions and fuel consumption without plugging in.

Our self-charging hybrids produce less harmful emissions than both petrol and diesel. One hybrid can save as much as 1.7 tonnes of CO2, over 3 years. That’s the equivalent of planting 25 trees. As well as reducing CO2 emissions, our hybrids drastically outperform other engine types in terms of NOx emissions – remember 22 Corolla’s is the same as one Diesel car for producing NOX.

In addition to reducing your emissions, you’ll also be reducing your spending!

Current and future budgets are favouring those with lower CO2 emissions like Hybrids so its only going to get more expensive for diesel. But diesels are cheaper to run…. Well not exactly, diesel prices fluctuate more rapidly and are moving closer to petrol.

Finally, with lower deprecation rates, Toyota Hybrid cars hold their value far better than diesel cars do! As the demand for hybrid increases, so does the residual value.

But surely diesel has better Fuel economy?

Are you worried that if you switch from the old and so called ‘most efficient’ diesel powertrain, you may not get the same value when you refuel? Worry not! Studies from across Ireland and the UK have shown that when it comes to fuel efficiency, hybrids lead the way. Hybrids are just as efficient on long distance journeys as diesel engines and drastically outperform them in terms of urbanised city driving.

One study by UCD assessed the EV drive time of our Toyota Hybrids. Results showed that in a combination of motorway and urban driving, our Hybrids spent over 62% of the time driving fully electric, producing zero emissions and the All-new Yaris Hybrid can drive up to 80% in EV mode.

Explore more reason to switch form diesel here – www.toyota.ie/electrified/hybrid-electric/hybrid-benefits