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Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. Recover.

At Toyota we talk about how we build for a better world. And part of this mission is to create the ultimate environmentally friendly vehicle. One that in the future will have absolutely no impact on the environment at any point during its lifecycle. And how do we work towards this? Well surprisingly there are only four building blocks that go into making one of our Toyota vehicles. And those four blocks? Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. Recover.


Everything begins with reduction. If we use less, we waste less! And it’s applied across the whole lifecycle of the car.

We design Toyota cars to make fewer demands on the environment, by using less important resources and applying smarter and innovative ways of working.

From the moment the pen hits the paper, while every part is pieced together as it’s built, to how the person behind the wheel uses it, right up until the very last time that ignition is turned off. Every stage of a Toyota vehicle’s life is designed to be as eco-friendly as possible.

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Waste not want not. When things can’t be reduced, we aim to make them reusable instead. This means designing parts that are easily fixed, retrieving parts from scrapped cars that can be reconditioned to function, to reusing resources in the manufacturing process like water and surplus materials.

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The world has become smarter and better about recycling. But this isn’t your average rinse-out-your-tin-of-beans before you put it in your green bin or the desperation of trying to remove that non-recyclable film that never quite comes off packaging properly. Properly recycling at such a large level is crucial to protecting our natural resources.

Not only do we use recycled materials to make new cars so they can be reused again in the future, we work with highly accomplished specialists to find new ways to recycle individual parts, as well as the resources that make the cars like water and energy. So once a car has been made, it can be taken apart and given new life almost as easily as it was put together.

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By this point, reducing, reusing and recycling material means there should only be a minimal amount of surplus materials left to deal with at the end of the process. This could be metals, plastics, paints or even water. So we try and recover everything we can and put it back into the life-cycle new car and only disposing of it responsibly without risking any harm to the environment, when there is absolutely no alternative. If all else fails, these fragmented leftovers will be used for energy recovery.
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At Toyota we pride ourselves on how we can use simple building blocks to have such a huge effect across the lifespan of something that’s as complex as an eco-friendly vehicle. So why not try and apply them on a smaller scale to your own lifestyle too? Power your own world with purpose and help reduce, reuse, recycle and recover in your day-to-day world too.

Toyota. Powered by Purpose.