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Hybrid heroes - Toyota is Ireland’s best-selling car brand

• Toyota is number 1 in July with 3,456 cars sold and 13% passenger car market share
• Toyota remains the best-selling car for 2021 to date with 11,554 cars sold in total
• 92% of all Toyota passenger cars sold this year are self-charging hybrid vehicles
• Diesel continues to decline, dropping to 30.5% of July sales
• Hybrid continues its momentum - 16.7% of all cars sold in July were self-charging hybrids, up from 12.6% in July 2020
• Toyota’s average CO2 for the month of July is 83.21g/km, versus industry average of 93.81g/km

Toyota is the number one car brand in Ireland following on from the July sales period where Toyota sold 3,456 cars in the past month. Toyota has grown its leadership in the market to having a 13% passenger car market share in July. With a 9.4% market share in the LCV market, Toyota claimed 12.5% share of the entire market in July.

Toyota retains the best-selling car brand accolate with 11,554 cars sold to date, and 2021 shows a big leap to the hybrid powertrain with 92% of all Toyota passenger cars sold being a hybrid model. In July 2020, 12.6% of cars sold were self-charging hybrid, and this has grown to 16.7% for July 2021.

Toyota started investing in hybrid technology over 20 years ago with the launch of the Prius and since then has led the market in sustainable driving and lowering emissions. Now Toyota holds the biggest range of hybrid cars on the market which is a clear demonstration of the brand promise ‘Built For A better World’, along with the fact that Toyota was the first mainstream brand to stop selling diesel passenger cars in 2019.

Toyota’s ambition is to offer a mainstream alternative to diesel passenger cars, and it can be seen that diesel has declined this July in comparison to July 2021 – decreasing from a 42.4% market share in July 2020 to 30.5% in July 2021.

Michael Gaynor, Marketing Director of Toyota Ireland commented on the announcement: “We’re delighted with the results of July, and we’d like to thank our dealer network and our customers for helping us achieve this position. It shows that Irish people are taking action to move towards more sustainable cars and are considering the environment in their purchase.

We need to move people away from diesel cars, which negatively impact our air quality, to low-emisisons alternatives. Our self-charging hybrid cars emit up to 90% less NOX than a competitor diesel cars, and can drive in EV mode over 60% of the time on average – meaning better air quality and a better environment for everyone. We need to make sure there is an electrified option for everyone, and hybrid offers electrified driving without a need to plug in.”