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Toyota tips to keep your car germ-free

Toyota Ireland has created a video of the 40 areas to clean in your car

As the nation and the world continue to manoeuvre through uncertain times, people are more aware of their surroundings and the surfaces that they are touching every day. Due to current restrictions, many people still need to take necessary journeys in their cars such as a quick run to the shops, get a baby to sleep or even just to get the family out of the house on a wet day. All of this means continuously touching the door handle, steering wheel, start button, gear stick, light switch etc. inside and outside the car.

With that in mind, Toyota has created a simple video to help people to keep their car germ-free by showing them the important areas to clean, and how to clean them.

Michael Gaynor, Marketing Director at Toyota Ireland said “We are in unprecedented times with a lot of uncertainty surrounding the coming days and weeks. Here at Toyota, our brand promise is ‘Built For a Better World’, and our aim is to make life better for families in Ireland. With that in mind we created this video for families; to help them feel safe as they take those necessary journeys in their car. We hope this list makes people aware and helps them navigate cleaning their car with confidence.”

The products to use:

You don’t need a full valet to keep your car germ-free!

To clean the car without damaging any leather or materials within the car, bleach-free antibacterial wipes are required, ensuring that the packing says it ‘kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses’. They are inexpensive and they work! A pair of gloves and a dry microfibre cloth are also required.

The key thing is to ensure to wipe the area at least twice in a forward and backwards motion to ensure it is cleaned completely. Then the area can be dried with the microfibre cloth.

Don’t forget to wash your hands for at least 20 seconds after cleaning your car.

The 40 areas to clean in your car:

  • 1. Exterior door handles
    2. Frame of door and roof
    3. Inner door release
    4. Window switches
    5. Interior door handle
    6. Door pocket
    7. Seatbelts
    8. Seatbelt clips
    9. Seat adjust buttons
    10. Steering wheel

  • 11. Horn
    12. Control stalks
    13. Driver air vents
    14. Dashboard
    15. Power button
    16. Gear shift
    17. Multimedia screen
    18. Central air vents
    19. Heating controls
    20. Glovebox

  • 21. Log book
    22. Central storage compartment
    23. Cupholders
    24. Rear-view mirror
    25. Interior lights
    26. Grab handle
    27. Key
    28. Head rests
    29. Seat pockets
    30. Rear central tab

  • 31. Fuel cap
    32. Wheel valves
    33. Boot lid
    34. Parcel shelf
    35. Boot floor tab
    36. Boot close button
    37. Bonnet lid
    38. Washer cap
    39. Dipstick
    40. Oil cap