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Toyota mobilises resources to help the fight against covid-19

Toyota’s core value has always been to contribute to society in meaningful ways, looking for better ways to do things. These values are cultivated in the company to this day and have led to Toyota supporting communities in the current public health crisis.

The support is representative of Toyota’s ‘Built for a Better World’ brand promise, where innovation and technology meet to improve the way we live, and the future for our families.

Toyota is working on a number of initiatives in its factories to help people fight covid-19, and with that in mind, has promised to share plans and knowledge to benefit other companies. The initiatives include:

• Medical Face Shields (protection masks): Toyota is using 3D printing and assembly to make simple face protection shields (clear plastic and headband) for local hospitals, health care workers and for internal use. These shields are being manufactured across a number of factories at a rate of nearly 300 shields per day per factory. They are also sharing their best practices with others. For any company looking to receive the 3D printing plans for the Face Shields, please contact customerservice@toyota.ie for details.

• Hands-Free Door Openers: In the Toyota production factories employees are utilizing 3D printers to create parts for hands free-door handles based on a freely-available design here: https://www.materialise.com/en/hands-free-door-opener

• Provide Knowledge: Toyota has offered to contribute its lean manufacturing (TPS) expertise to help medical equipment manufacturers (e.g. ventilators) to increase their productivity and output. Toyota is also providing manufacturing and engineering know-how to help medical staff manpower management (visual manning control and versatility boards) and support with the maintenance of medical equipment.

Steve Tormey, CEO of Toyota Ireland said: “At Toyota, we believe we have the ability to improve the world for the people living in it. Creating a Better World is at the core of everything we do. It is with that motivation our teams across Europe are working hard to help others.

Our Built for a Better World brand promise rings true now, more than ever as we combine technology, knowledge and innovation to support where possible during this uncertain time. We hope that supports like the knowledge being provided, the face shields and the hands-free door openers will be extremely useful for Irish families as well as healthcare personnel”.

To request 3D Printing data files for the Medical Face Shields or the Hand-Free Door Openers please email customerservice@toyota.ie for more information.