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Toyota’s tips for maintaining battery life

Toyota Ireland shares top tips for ensuring battery health during periods of limited use for hybrids and conventional powered cars

With the ongoing Covid-19 restrictions which only allow for short necessary journeys, our car usage has dropped to unprecedented levels across the country. With cars potentially remaining dormant for weeks or months there is a risk of battery failure.

All Toyota cars (conventional and hybrid) feature a 12-volt battery, and without regular driving the battery will often discharge due to natural draining and battery failure may occur. In the case of remote-controlled locking, the vehicle door locks may not open.

To avoid this happening, Toyota has outlined some simple tips for car owners to ensure their vehicles are fit and ready to go when restrictions are lifted:

  • For conventional powered cars, owners should sit in their car in their own driveway, turn it on and leave it running for approximately 30 minutes every 15 to 20 days
    • Be cognisant of exhaust fumes and ensure no family members or members of the public are exposed.
    • If you do not have a driveway, drive your car a short distance (within 2KM) to an area where people are not present and leave it running for the 30 minute duration.
  • Hybrid car owners should switch on ‘Ready Mode’ for approximately 30 minutes every 15 to 20 days to keep the battery topped up.
    • It’s important to note, that for Hybrid users the engine may not kick-in or omit any sound, however their dashboard’s ‘Ready Lamp’ will be illuminated when ‘Ready Mode’ is active.
    • It is important to uphold car safety when in ‘Ready Mode’ and ensure all lights are turned off, the car’s position is secure with the brake on, and no passengers are in the vehicle.

While 30 minutes every two weeks or so isn’t a long time, it might be a good time to catch up on the book you haven’t gotten around to finishing or catching up on your favourite podcast.

If drivers do find themselves in a situation where their battery has died, they can contact their local Toyota dealer or if they qualify for Toyota Eurocare they can call 1800-741-700 for anytime assistance.