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Electric journey

It’s time to clear the air and see what real leadership looks like!

Time to say goodbye to Diesel and hello to Toyota Hybrid.
We live in challenging times for our planet, in a world of contradictory messages.

Consumers are looking for brands they can believe in, brands they can trust.

Brands that are honest, fearless, forthright.

Because this is Toyota’s story

A story of true leadership

Innovating and investing for the future with our first Hybrid Cars in 1997.

Boldly deciding to stop producing Diesel Passenger cars in 2018.   

Delivering 10,000 new Toyota Hybrid cars by 2020 and over 100,000 in the next decade.

People have heard our message and they’re joining us on our journey.

Switching to Toyota Hybrid Electric in their thousands and driving over 50% of the time in zero emission, electric mode.

Today Ireland’s bestselling car is a Toyota Hybrid.

And we are proudly playing our part in delivering a better future.

Join us today and start your electric journey in a Toyota Hybrid.

Toyota. Built for a Better world.


For more information on Toyota Hybrids please visit http://www.electrichybrid.ie