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We live in an era of unparalleled change. We want to do right by the planet, but we need to do right by ourselves too. Amidst a storm of information and misinformation, the choices can seem confusing. As Ireland’s most trusted car brand, Toyota is perfectly placed to help you cut through the noise and start your electric journey with confidence.

We ceased production of diesel passenger cars in 2018, and since 1997 we’ve sold over 17 million self-charging Hybrid vehicles globally, reducing CO2 emissions by 140 million tonnes. So join us on our journey to better. To lower emissions and a cleaner, greener world for everyone. 
After all, we’ve been at the forefront of hybrid electric innovation for over 25 years.

Start your Electric Journey Today

Why switch from Diesel? There has never been a better time to make the shift from diesel to a Toyota Self-Charging Hybrid Electric car.

Fuel - Hybrid saves you money
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In fuel costs alone, save €1,106 over 3 years versus petrol models. (Example using Corolla Hybrid). In 2019, diesel prices fluctuated and are moving closer to petrol.

CO2 - Lower emissions with Hybrid
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Toyota Hybrids produce fewer harmful emissions than petrol & diesel. One Hybrid can save as much as 1.7 tonnes of CO2 vs. 1 petrol car over 3 years. That's the equivalent of planting 25 trees.

No range anxiety
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Toyota Hybrids are self-charging which means no range anxiety

More About Toyota

How to reduce your carbon footprint at home How to reduce your carbon footprint at home We believe small changes to behaviour make a big difference. For us it’s meant we’ve already met our 2021 emissions targets. Hybrid Demand Cements Toyota’s Leadership as Brand achieves number one Market Position in Q1 2021 Hybrid Demand Cements Toyota’s Leadership as Brand achieves number one Market Position in Q1 2021 After a strong start to the year, Toyota has maintained its position as Ireland’s best-selling car brand as of March 31st. REDUCE. REUSE. RECYCLE. RECOVER. REDUCE. REUSE. RECYCLE. RECOVER. At Toyota we talk about how we build for a better world. And part of this mission is to create the ultimate environmentally friendly vehicle. One that in the future will have absolutely no impact on the environment at any point during its lifecycle. Toyota unveils the Aygo X prologue Toyota unveils the Aygo X prologue Aygo is consistently recognised for its bold, stand-out design in the A-segment. Now Toyota’s European Design Headquarters, ED², is determined to bring even more boldness and spice to small car buyers.