Introducing the Toyota bZ Series

Inspiring possibilities that go beyond Zero

Welcome to the Toyota bZ series, a new sub-brand of Toyota and the dawn of an exciting era. This diverse family of next-generation Battery-Electric models go beyond zero-emission EVs, because they are designed around you, reducing the impact that mobility has on the environment to zero, but then going further. Inspiring endless possibilities to change your future and make driving smoother and more fun. That's truly beyond Zero.

Human-centric design, better mobility for all

With Toyota bZ, we’re looking beyond zero emissions. Thanks to a dedicated EV platform born from human-centric thinking, the Toyota bZ series goes further, to transform lives and experiences. Whether it’s enhancing how you move, elevating how you interact with the world around you, contributing to the environment or even creating a better society, this is mobility to be loved by all and fun for everyone.

You & environment

Through the use of regenerative and solar energy, Toyota bZ will reduce emissions and contribute positively to the environment.

You & your car

Through a dedicated EV platform and by incorporating advanced equipment and intelligent connectivity, Toyota bZ delivers a driving experience that’s safe, secure and fun.

You & others

Through their spacious and quiet cabins, Toyota bZ provides a relaxing environment for you and your loved ones. Spending time here brings new, more enjoyable ways to connect with others.

You & society

Through zero-emission mobility and smart solutions, Toyota bZ creates a safer society where everyone enjoys greater peace of mind.

Meet the Toyota bZ4X Concept

Built on over 20 years' electrification expertise, the Toyota bZ4X Concept offers the first glimpse into the future of our new Battery-Electric family. Blending dynamic SUV design with genuine all-wheel-drive capability and a competitive driving range, the concept showcases our dedication to deliver an EV experience without compromise when sales begin in mid-2022.

A true all-wheel-drive SUV

At the heart of the Toyota bZ4X lies e-TNGA. This dedicated EV platform gives our SUV concept its distinctive long wheelbase and short overhangs, for interior space to rival a large executive saloon. e-TNGA also brings the benefits of a class-leading all-wheel-drive (AWD) system, co-developed with Subaru. By bringing together Toyota’s electrification know-how and Subaru’s AWD expertise, drivers can enjoy genuine all-weather reassurance and a truly exciting driving experience.

A drive with real connection

Inside the Toyota bZ4X Concept, an innovative drive module connects you to the car and the road ahead. Its adaptive steer-by-wire grip blocks out unwanted vibrations to make drives more relaxing and also enhances control and safety by letting you keep your hands in one position even during cornering. Together with a hoodless instrument binnacle located directly in your eyeline and controls optimally placed to minimise distraction, it delivers a connected driving experience like nothing else.

A new dimension in design

From form to function, every element of the Toyota bZ4X Concept is designed to enhance your experience. With the freedom to look beyond to an exciting new era, our designers have produced a true SUV with unique attitude and presence. As well as innovative features such as solar panel charging that contribute to your cruising range, its airy, spacious and open cabin offers a new dimension in interior design, serving as a ‘hub’ where you can actively socialise with others.

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