Ready in time for summer

Toyota Summer Health Check

As the sun becomes a more familiar sight, thoughts turn to the exciting adventures that summer has in store. To get your Toyota ready for the fun that’s ahead, we offer a Summer Health Check.

6 steps to a road trip-ready Toyota

Make that all-important change to summer tyres so that you’re safe on the road come rain or shine.

Motor Oil

We’ll check your motor oil to keep your engine protected so that it can perform at its best as you head out on the road.

Cabin air filter

For extra comfort when driving, this check will make sure that you’re breathing in healthy air for longer.


After the stresses of a long winter, we’ll make sure that your brakes are working perfectly to keep you safe.

Wiper blades and windscreen washer fluid

We’ll make sure that you can keep your windscreen squeaky-clean so you can always see the road ahead.


For added peace of mind on those long summer drives, we’ll check or replace your car’s battery.

Toyota summer offers

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