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Small cars questions

Do you have a question about a small car you already own? Or perhaps you’ve decided a small car could be for you and you simply want to find out more about them.

What’s the difference between a small car and a city car?

There are no differences between small cars and city cars; however AYGO and Yaris are well designed for urban environments and out-of-town driving.

Their agile bodystyles make them easy to park in tight city parking spaces whilst the Yaris Icon is fitted with cruise control as standard to make driving as smooth as possible, both on busy streets and country roads.

Are small cars economical to run?

Small cars tend to boast the highest number of miles per gallon, with cars like the AYGO giving up to 56.4mpg. The All New Yaris, available in a hybrid powertrain, can achieve up to 68.8mpg.

The ability to travel further on less fuel, lowers both the running costs and the impact on the environment. That said, the real game-changer when it comes to economy is the engine type, with hybrid and electric cars cutting your economy costs dramatically. You can find out more about hybrid cars here.

Do small cars make good family cars?

Small cars aren’t stereotypically thought of as family cars, but they’re often surprisingly spacious. With clever design and technology innovations, spacious small cars have generous luggage capacity, meaning families can ride comfortably with plenty of cargo space for belongings. The Yaris, for instance, comes with 286 litres of boot capacity (which is the equivalent of 2 medium suitcases, plenty of room for your weekly shop!).

Is a small car for me?

Knowing whether a small car would be the right fit for you is dependent on lifestyle. If you value low environmental impact, you’re keen to drive down running costs, or you live in a built-up city area, then a small car is well worth considering.