Features & Specifications

  • Bluetooth® mobile phone connection
  • Hybrid energy display
  • Toyota Touch® 2 multimedia system
  • Climate control
Toyota Prius+ - Hybrid - MPV
    • Pure White (040) Not compatible with engine selection
  • Pearl White (070) Pearlescent Not compatible with engine selection
  • Attitude Black (218) Not compatible with engine selection
  • Ash Grey (1G3) Not compatible with engine selection
  • Ultra Silver (1F7) Not compatible with engine selection
  • Sienna Bronze (4W4) Not compatible with engine selection
  • Premium Dark Blue (221) Not compatible with engine selection
  • Platinum Beige (4X1) Not compatible with engine selection
  • Regency Red (3Q3) Not compatible with engine selection
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106 g/km
Number of seats
7 seats

Space & Room

  • 2780
  • 4645
  • 1540
  • 1775
  • 1545
  • 1775
  • 1575
  • Exterior length (mm)

    4645 mm
  • Number of doors

  • Exterior height (mm)

    1575 mm
  • Exterior width (mm)

    1775 mm
  • Wheelbase (mm)

    2780 mm
  • Front tread (mm)

    1540 mm
  • Rear tread (mm)

    1545 mm
  • Front overhang (mm)

    945 mm
  • Rear overhang (mm)

    920 mm
Toyota Prius+ - Hybrid - MPV
Toyota Prius+ - Hybrid - MPV
  • Number of seats (front & rear detail)

    FRONT 2, REAR1 3, REAR2 2
  • Number of seats

    7 seats
  • Luggage capacity (litres)

    200 litres
  • Luggage capacity (up to roof) l

    230 litres
  • VDA luggage capacity, rear seat up (litres)

    200 litres
Toyota Prius+ - Hybrid - MPV

Personalize your Prius+

Discover range of packs and accessories designed specifically for your Prius+ Hybrid and build your next Toyota in few easy steps.

Keeping you safe

The Prius+ includes a host of intelligent safety features for your peace of mind.

  • Airbags are positioned throughout the cabin

    Seven SRS airbags are installed throughout the vehicle's interior, ensuring that In the event of a collision, every occupant of the car is well protected.

Keeping You Safe

While you can buy your new Toyota from the comfort of your home, we've introduced several measures throughout our showrooms to keep both you and our staff safe and comfortable at all times.

keeping you safe

Within each dealership, there is tape on the floor that will allow you to easily maintain a 2m social distance at all times, and each desk has also been fitted with perspex screens.

keeping you safe

There is hand sanitiser provided at each entrance, and all of our staff will be wearing masks and gloves when required.
keeping you safe

Every car has disposable seat and steering wheel covers fitted, and all touch points on the vehicles are sanitised.
keeping you safe

Every step has been taken to ensure that all car handovers and payments are contactless.

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