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  • 8" Toyota Touch® 2 multimedia system with Apple CarPlay™ & Android Auto™
  • 3-spoke leather steering wheel
  • Electronic parking brake
  • 4.2" TFT screen for information displays
Toyota Toyota C-HR - Sport Bi-tone - 5dr SUV
  • Pearl White Bi-tone (2NA) Pearlescent Not compatible with engine selection
  • Ash Grey Bi-tone (2NB) Not compatible with engine selection
  • Nebula Blue Bi-tone (2NH) Not compatible with engine selection
  • Metal Stream Bi-tone (2NK) Not compatible with engine selection
  • Pearl Red Bi-tone (2TB) Pearlescent Not compatible with engine selection
  • Orange Bi-tone (2TC) Not compatible with engine selection
  • Celestite Grey Bi-tone (2TH) Not compatible with engine selection
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Monthly Price from
Fuel Comb WLTP
4.9 litres/100 km
Fuel Comb WLTP
4.2 litres/100 km


Toyota Financial Services provides a range of flexible and affordable finance options for new cars and commercial vehicles, as well as approved used vehicles. Discover here the main benefits of our products.

toyota finance
Affordable monthly repayments thanks to the Guarantee Minimum Future Value.
toyota finance
No minimum deposit requirement so there is no need for a large initial outlay.
toyota finance
The future value of your car is guaranteed so you won’t lose out if tradein values fall.

toyota finance
Flexible options at the end of your agreement
toyota finance
Enjoy all the benefits of driving a brand new car more often.

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Keeping You Safe

While you can buy your new Toyota from the comfort of your home, we've introduced several measures throughout our showrooms
to keep both you and our staff safe and comfortable at all times.

keeping you safe

Within each dealership, there is tape on the floor that will allow you to easily maintain a 2m social distance at all times, and each desk has also been fitted with perspex screens.

keeping you safe

There is hand sanitiser provided at each entrance, and all of our staff will be wearing masks and gloves when required.
keeping you safe

Every car has disposable seat and steering wheel covers fitted, and all touch points on the vehicles are sanitised.
keeping you safe

Every step has been taken to ensure that all car handovers and payments are contactless.

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