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Toyota’s Electrified Options

Twenty five years ago, Toyota started the hybrid electric revolution, driven by the idea of burning less fuel and the promise of cleaner air for tomorrow’s generation. Toyota is the world leaders in hybrid technology with more than 15 million hybrid drivers worldwide. Hybrids have better fuel efficiency than petrol cars and up to 90% less NOx than diesel cars.

Globally, Toyota's cumulative sales (HEV, PHEV, FCEV, BEV) reached 20 million units as of the end of February 2022. Toyota estimates that the use of Toyota's electrified vehicles has resulted in approximately 160 million fewer metric tonnes of CO2 emissions and has saved approximately 65 million kiloliters of gasoline as of the end of February 2022. Going forward, Toyota will continue to create ever-better cars with a full lineup of electrified vehicles for the realization of a carbon-neutral society. (Source)

Find out why people in Ireland love driving Toyota Hybrids below.

    Toyota mastered Hybrid electric technology way back in 1997. Ever since, we have led the world in sustainable mobility. And that's why we have released 24,000 of our Hybrid patents to the world, so everyone can join us on the road to a better world. Today.

    There's nothing complicated about driving a Toyota Hybrid electric. They combine a petrol engine with an electric motor. Toyota hybrids can save you on fuel, reduce NOx emissions by up to 90% and can recharge their batteries without needing to be plugged in (Source).
  • Hybrid vs mild hybrid

    Toyota Ireland, which is the leader in hybrid (full hybrid), has set out to dispel the myths and provide clarity for new car buyers regarding the differences between full hybrids and mild hybrids.

    Do you have any questions about Hybrids? See our page below for some Frequently Ask Questions.

    Our Plug-in Hybrids offer the benefits of our Hybrid-electric line-up but with greater performance and the ability to travel further on pure electric drive. Charged from an electricity supply at home or at a charging point, they can power you for up to 75 km producing no emissions. For longer trips, they switch seamlessly to their efficient hybrid-electric system to give you peace of mind from door to door.

    Our new generation of Battery Electric vehicles (BEV) benefit from our unrivalled experience in electrification to deliver an uncompromising blend of power, reliability and performance. Every BEV runs on battery power alone, using no fuel and producing zero emissions. At least ten new zero-emission vehicles are due in the next five years, spearheaded by the Toyota bZ4X and Proace Electric and Proace City Electric.

    More range, more performance, still zero emissions. The current Mirai has been a catalyst for increasing global awareness of how a future clean and sustainable hydrogen society might be achieved.
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