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Build a Better World Art Competition

Toyota Ireland is delighted to announce the launch of the ‘Build a Better World Art Competition’, inspired by the company’s global initiative ‘Dream Car Art Contest’ which runs annually. The ‘Build a Better World Art Competition’ will run online for six weeks and will see three winners announced every week, one from each age category.

What is Build a Better World Art Competition?

The new ‘Build a Better World Art Competition’ was created to bring some relief and joy to families as Ireland and the rest of the world navigates the uncertainty due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

The competition stems from Toyota’s brand platform of ‘Built for a Better World,’ where above all else Toyota aims to create a better world for future generations. Young artists from across the country are encouraged to get their creative juices flowing to take part in this creative initiative and show what a better world will look like for those in Ireland once we are COVID-19 free. 

Don’t forget to keep an eye out on the Toyota Ireland social media channels, where we will be sharing some of the artworks every week.

Build a Better World Art Competition Weekly Themes

Dates and themes as below: 

  • Week 1 - Friday 27th – Friday 3rd. Theme: Friends & Family 
  • Week 2 - Monday 6th – Friday 10th. Theme: Nature 
  • Week 3 - Monday 13th – Friday 17th. Theme: Fantasy 
  • Week 4 - Monday 20th –Friday 24th. Theme: My Dream Car
  • Week 5 - Monday 27th April – Friday 1st May. Theme: When I grow up I want to be...
  • Week 6 - Monday 4th May –Friday 8th May. Theme: My Favourite Place


  • Oisin Donalyn – under 8

    ‘Little hands build a better world’

    Oisín traced his handprint and his brothers to show how kids can help build a better world by planting flowers and working together with nature

  • Alannah O Neill Byrne - 8-11

    ‘Pool Party’

    The idea behind my stop motion animation is that even in the making of the artpiece I felt happy to be thinking what it will feel like to be able to enjoy getting back together to have fun with my friends and family. The animation is about the normal day to day activities that we sometimes take for granted and it is only now we realise how special these times were. So welcome to my Pool Party!

  • Sophia Cunningham - 12-15

    'My mam and dad working on the frontline services looking after all the people with Covid19' 

    My dad works as a paramedic for the HSE and my mam works as a nurse in Temple Street Children’s University Hospital. They are both helping all the sick patients.


  • Alessia Messina - Under 8

    ‘My Happy Mobile’

    This is my car for Spring that I can drive around in, it's my happy place.

  • Sara Ventimigilia - 8 to 11

    ‘Landscape Garden’

    To use treasures picked on the walk to design my garden.

  • Jing Wen Yang - 12 to 15

    ‘The tears of nature’

    The destruction of the environment by human beings is destroying ourselves and our own living environment. Earth is the home of humans and animals. So I hope more people will take care of nature.


  • Levi Patrick Coada - Under 8

    ‘We won against the Coronavirus!’

    In 2020 there was a big war between Coronavirus army and the good crew of doctors and scientists. Although Coronavirus army was strong, the doctors joined their forces and defeated their enemies. And all the evil creatures were thrown in the ocean and the good team won.

  • Ailbhe Treacy - 8 to 11

    ‘Fantasy Garden’

    The idea behind my artwork is that I thought sometimes when we need to relax and take a break it's good to just sit down and let your imagination run wild. That's what I did and when it was over I had the idea to put it on paper. I put all my dreams and imagintation onto that piece of paper and I felt good when it was done.

  • Anna Louise Lumingkit - 12 to 15

    ‘No Limits’

    To the current situation many of us are left with our imagination to create new perspectives. To us it is a gateway to beautiful fantasy. There is no such thing as a limit to our imaginations.


  • Sophie Vaughan - Under 8

    ‘The Eco Candy Car’

    This is my Eco Candy Car! It is solar powered love heart shaped car. It rewards children with sweet treats when they help out collecting litter. It uses flowers and plats for natural sugars, colour and flavours. It collects rain water too as the other key ingredient to make the candy.

  • Cathal Walsh - 8 to 11

    ‘Nature in Space’

    I am trying to portray how nature and technology can open new horizons and transport us to another world, even outer space.

  • Luke Wang - 12 to 15

    ‘Virus Defender Car’

    The idea came about as a result of the current COVID-19 situation. It was designed in hope of creating a cure or treatment to kill the virus and help all the people. I hope doctors and nurses can use this car in the future to help protect us all.


  • Mia Wiercoch Chinatamunnee - Under 8

    ‘Doctor Mia’

    I want to be a doctor to work in the hospital and help sick people.

  • Bibi Russell - 8 to 11

    ‘School Hub with Muinteoir Bibi ’

    I have always wanted to be a primary school teacher. I would like to be able to inspire children to be the best that they could be. I have been inspired to be a teacher by the fabulous teachers at Scoil Angela Ursuline Primary School and I want ot be able to do the same for children. The idea behind my artwork is to show my ideal classroom. Everything on the walls are things I am passionate about and things that I would love to teach my students.

  • Rachel Gallagher - 12 to 15

    ‘When I grow up I want to be… A Vet.’

    I love all animals and would love to be a vet to help heal lots of sick animals. I also love art especially cartoon type drawings as I think they cheer people up.


  • Conor Mullins - Under 8

    ‘Mini Beasts in the Garden’

    Favourite place is to be outdoors and currently in our little garden.

  • Kerrie Magee - 8 to 11

    ‘My Favourite Place ’

    This place is locally known as Cloughmore Stone and is a beauty spot in the Mourne Mountains in County Down. It is also one of my favourite places to go with my family.

  • Sean Lynch - 12 to 15

    ‘My Favourite Place ’

    Since the COVID19 quarantine started, my favourite place has been the green space beside our house. I have set up a goal post and now I am spending most of the evenings playingh urling and football with our dog Poppy who loves to chase the balls. I miss playing with my friends, but this is helping me to keep active until the season starts again.


With Toyota’s Build a Better World Art Competition we gave you lots of different themes to imagine. Seeing a better world together has been a tough task. So, thanks to all the young artists for staying home and imagining a better world together. With creativity we can make the world a better place.