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Benefits of Hybrid in business

Toyota Hybrid: Driving your business forward

As part of your fleet, Toyota Hybrids make perfect business sense. They deliver class-leading Total Cost of Ownership, a high standard specification and extremely low CO2 emissions leading to lower taxation. Our Hybrids work hard to save your business money.

  • Accelerated Capital Allowance Program

    Experience immediate financial benefit with the Accelerated Capital Allowance Program. Most Toyota Hybrids qualify for the ACA Program as approved by Sustainable Energy Ireland. Simply this means that the full purchase cost of an approved Hybrid vehicle can be offset against corporation tax, in the first 12 months of ownership.

  • The widest Hybrid range

    Ever since 1997, our Hybrid family has continued to grow. Now, with more Hybrid models than ever to choose from – including the compact Yaris Hybrid, the high-quality Auris Hatchback, the spacious Auris Touring Sports and the adventurous RAV4 Hybrid – as the Hybrid leader we will have a Hybrid model to complement your business.

  • A Happier Workforce

    New research from ‘The Hybrid Experiment’ conducted by i2 research found that over 80% per cent of people felt less angry, frustrated and stressed and more happy and calm in a hybrid car relative to a non-hybrid car. The Hybrid Experiment was commissioned by Toyota Europe and aimed to investigate the effect of hybrid, petrol or diesel powertrains on the driver experience.

  • Competitive Total Cost of Ownership

    Thanks to the combination of a fuel-efficient petrol engine and electric power, Toyota Hybrids make light work of saving you fuel and money. With efficiency comes low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO): Toyota Hybrids enjoy some of the lowest TCO figures in their class, benefiting from low depreciation, low fuel consumption, minimal maintenance and road tax starting at only €170.

  • Up to 40% Better Fuel Efficiency

    Because the hybrid system has the unique ability to recycle energy other cars waste, you benefit from fuel economy of up to 94mpg. That’s up to 40% better fuel efficiency than an equivalent diesel engine. So you won’t just enjoy the drive. You’ll enjoy the savings, too. That’s better. 

    All mpg and CO2 figures quoted are sourced from official EU regulated laboratory test results. These are provided to allow comparisons between vehicles and may not reflect your actual driving experience.

  • About 30% less maintenance costs

    And that’s not all. You’ll save on maintenance, too. About 30% less maintenance costs when compared to a non-hybrid vehicle. That’s because hybrid vehicles have less wear and tear on items like brake discs and tyres, and you don’t have a clutch. What’s more, Toyota hybrids are a lot more affordable than you think, with prices starting from €19,250 or €169 a month.  

    Cost of Ownership saving for hybrid v non hybrid drivers is provided by IDS in the UK. IDS are a vehicle data provider to leasing companies, Manufacturers, Dealers and Fleet Managers. SMR (Service Maintenance and Repair) is the data they provide for real life running cost on vehicles in the market. For more information go to www.idsdata.co.uk

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