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The journey to GR86

The roots of Hachi-Roku
  • A history of thrilling drives

    Although a shared DNA with the GT86 is clear to see, the all-new GR86 can trace its roots as far back as the 1960s. From sporty looks to racing experience, boxer engines to weight reduction, our new, rear-wheel-drive 2+2 coupé is influenced by a long line of genuinely iconic sports cars from our past. Discover a journey where creating smiles behind the wheel is all that matters.

Sports 800 ‘YOTA-HACHI’1965 – 1969

Engine: 790cc, horizontally opposed 2-cylinder
Power: 45bhp
Weight: 580kg
Layout: Front engine/rear-wheel drive

Known affectionately as ‘Yota-Hachi’, or ‘Toyota 8’ in shortened Japanese form, the diminutive Sports 800 of the 1960s was Toyota’s first production sports car. Featuring a gutsy horizontally opposed 790cc ‘boxer’ engine driving the rear wheels and a body made from thin-gauge steel and aluminium, the S800 delivered lightweight thrills and sensational economy. A popular choice in Japanese motorsports, the agile and aerodynamic pocket rocket would seal a memorable one-two-three podium for Toyota in the 1967 Fuji 24hrs, securing third behind two powerful 2000GTs.


1967 – 1970

Engine: 1980cc, in-line 6-cylinder
Power: 150bhp
Weight: 1123kg
Layout: Front engine/rear-wheel drive

Japan’s first supercar? Arguably, yes. One of the world’s most beautiful sports car silhouettes? Without doubt. The GR86 owes its sleek styling to the 2000GT’s gorgeous stance and ‘Coke bottle’ curves. Born through a collaboration with Yamaha Motor Co., the legendary 2000GT is famous for its starring role in the James Bond hit You Only Live Twice. Away from the screen, it made an equally big impression too. A world-class in-line 6-cylinder engine combined with an engaging rear-wheel-drive chassis, ensured it challenged the best European road cars of the time while sealing numerous speed records and motorsport victories on the track.


1983 – 1987

Engine: 1587cc, in-line 4-cylinder
Power: 124bhp
Weight: 970kg
Layout: Front engine/rear-wheel drive

From humble, family-car origins to cult icon, the lightweight Corolla AE86 still to this day offers drivers a raw, undiluted experience that’s hard to replicate. Known to enthusiasts by its internal chassis code, the AE86 or ‘Hachi-Roku’ (Japanese for ‘eight-six’) shares many of its attributes with the fun to drive GR86. From its high-revving and charismatic 1.6-litre engine to talkative steering and playful rear-wheel-drive handling, for decades the AE86 has become the go-to choice for racers, drifters and customisers. It’s even the star of a Japanese street racing manga and anime series called Initial D. There’s nothing the AE86 can’t do.


2012 – 2021

Engine: 1998cc, horizontally opposed 4-cylinder
Power: 197bhp
Weight: 1240kg
Layout: Front engine/rear-wheel drive

After a five-year hiatus, Toyota returned to the sports car market in spectacular style. Lightweight, compact and with a low centre of gravity, the GT86 had the ingredients enthusiasts had been waiting for. Fans of the S800 and 2000GT were in for a treat, too, with a horizontally opposed ‘boxer’ engine and curvaceous styling taking a bow. Winning praise from motoring journalists worldwide for the way it delivered thrills to drivers of all skill levels, the GT86 rewrote the script for affordable sports cars. It even left its mark in motorsport, with a notable class win at the 2012 Nürburgring 24 Hours as well as success in Super GT, endurance, rally and Gymkhana