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Benefits of Hybrid for your Business

How choosing Toyota Hybrid can drive your business forward

By choosing Hybrid you are making a very positive choice for the future of your company
while making every driver happy behind the wheel.

Accelerated Capital Allowance Program

Experience immediate financial benefit with the Accelerated Capital Allowance Program. All Toyota Hybrids qualify for the ACA Program as approved by Sustainable Energy Ireland. Simply this means that the full purchase cost of an approved Hybrid vehicle can be offset against corporation tax, in the first 12 months of ownership. This means a significant improvement in cash flow for business. It also makes Hybrid vehicles an attractive alternative to the protracted process of reclaiming VAT on diesel fuel, which can only be reclaimed as the fuel is used.

About 30% less maintenance costs

Keep your expenses to a minimum with Toyota Hybrid. Our Hybrids have about 30% less maintenance costs when compared to a non-hybrid vehicle. That’s because hybrid vehicles have less wear and tear on items like brake discs (due to regenerative braking) and tyres (due to more even weight distribution), and you don’t have a clutch.

For peace of mind, in addition to the 3 year's manufacturers warranty, all Toyota Hybrids come with a 5 year hybrid component warranty. And for even greater peace of mind, when you get your Toyota Hybrid serviced in the Toyota network, you’ll receive a free Hybrid Health Check giving you up to 10 years battery care.

Up to 40% better fuel efficiency

When you choose Toyota Hybrid for your business, your company can benefit form a lean, efficient fleet that costs less run. Because the hybrid system has the unique ability to recycle energy other cars waste, your business can benefit from fuel economy of up to 94mpg. That’s up to 40% better fuel efficiency than an equivalent diesel engine.

A happier workforce

New research from ‘The Hybrid Experiment’ conducted by i2 research found that over 80% per cent of people felt less angry, frustrated and stressed and more happy and calm in a hybrid car relative to a non-hybrid car. The Hybrid Experiment was commissioned by Toyota Europe and aimed to investigate the effect of different powertrains – hybrid, petrol, diesel – on the driver experience. Rome, Italy, renowned for its stressful and challenging driving conditions, was chosen as the setting for the experiment.

Lowest road tax in Ireland

From only €170 per year.

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