The Toyota Dream Car Art Contest

The 14th Annual Dream Car Contest Winners

Toyota Ireland is delighted to announce the finalists in the 2021 Toyota Dream Car Art Contest. Nine children from across Ireland were chosen for their impressive artistic skills and inventive ideas in envisioning the perfect car for the future. The chosen nine finalists will now go forward to represent Ireland in Toyota’s worldwide art contest.

What is a dream car?

As Toyota, we believe that dreams can take you anywhere, wherever you are. So how would your fantasy automobile make the world a better place? All you have to do is think hard and imagine what your dream car would be – like these Irish winners from 2021.

Some inspiration
Under 8 - 1st - Adam Goku Wiercioch-Chinatamunnee Dinosaur Car
Some inspiration
8-11 - 1st - Angela (Zhi Qin) Lin The End of Covid
Some inspiration
12-15 - 1st - Sabrina (Jing) Yang A New World
Under 8s

1st Place: Adam Goku Wiercioch-Chinatamunnee, Dinosaur Car
2nd Place: Sophie Vaughan, Species X
3rd Place: Francesca Chu, Bird House Car

8-11s Category

1st Place: Angela (Zhi Qin) Lin, The End of Covid
2nd Place: Jerry Luo, Dragonfly Car
3rd Place: Molly Buckley, Fungie Marine

12-15s Category

1st Place: Sabrina (Jing) Yang, A New World
2nd Place: Siyi Guo, TNT Musical Expressing Car
3rd Place: Nell O’Grady, Cyber Swan

How to get involved
Who can participate?

The contest is open to children up to 15 years old. Toyota Ireland organises the Irish contest and accepts entries from the Republic of Ireland.

What artwork and material do I need?

Take an A3 size paper (A4 size is OK too) and use any medium you like – pencils, crayons, paint – to create your dream car. Don’t forget a background, so we can imagine what it would look like in its environment. And remember: only hand-made drawings are acceptable, so don’t use a computer to do it.

When do I need to create my entry by?

The 2020/2021 Toyota Dream Car Art Contest is now closed. The contest will reopen later this year.

What can I win?

This years winners of the Irish competition won lots of cool prizes including interactive tablets, instax cameras and fitbits! Each of the 9 winners have also been entered into the worldwide art contest where they could win $5000 and $10,000 for their school to spend on educational resources!

How do I enter?
1) Download your entry kit Ask your parents to carefully read the terms and conditions.
2) Complete the entry form Do it with your parents and don't forget to give a title and a short explanation of your dream car.
3) Get your parents signature Make sure your parents sign the entry form otherwise your dream car artwork won't be valid.
4) Post your design and entry form to: Dream Car Art Contest, Toyota Ireland, Killeen Road, Dublin 12.
How do i get inspired?

There are so many ways to find inspiration that can help you imagine your car of the future: create a list, appreciate nature, talk to your family, draw some doodles, play a word association game, take a walk, read a book, flick through a magazine, window shop, watch a movie, go to a museum, share ideas with friends – or just sit down, close your eyes and let your imagination run wild.

If you want some more inspiration, just discover some of the winning Irish entries from last year. Good luck!

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