Concept vehicle shown.
A new mobility service for everyone.
Toyota's first BEV developed specifically for Autono-MaaS*, the Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020 e-Palette will support transportation needs of staff and athletes with a dozen or more running on a continuous loop within the Olympic and Paralympic Village.
Automated Driving
Services which meet customer needs.
e-Palette is customisable in many ways, as if creating colours by mixing paints on a palette. Thanks to a flat and extensive barrier free interior space layout designed with a low floor, equipment can be installed in accordance with the user's needs, such as ride-sharing specifications, hotel room specifications and retail shopping specifications.
For Businesses
Together, smarter.
As a mobility service platformer, Toyota is focused on creating new and attractive features for partners that help them to expand their value chain and improve customers' lives. e-Palette is one of the social mobilities to realise the vision. Toyota aims to do this by collaborating with other service providers and technology development companies.
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