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Toyota double SPSV support to €7,000 until July. 
After a successful pilot program with Local Link Donegal this year, resulting in a 22% reduction in CO2 and 35% reduction in fuel costs compared with the drivers own diesel vehicles. Toyota will match the Government PHEV grant of €3,500 for Plug-in Hybrid vehicles with a further €3,500 discount. This offer is for SPSV vehicles only (taxi/hackney). Vehicles must be registered before 31st July 

PRIUS PLUG-IN HYBRID | Irish Green Car of The Year 2018 
Imagine being able to drive at speeds as high as 135km/h or as far as 50km* without using a drop of fuel. Well, that time is now thanks to the Prius Plug-in Hybrid’s 68kW EV power rating. When your journeys exceed its 50km* EV range the new Prius Plug-in Hybrid is estimated to sip fuel at 282 MPG*, which means fewer refuels for you and even fewer emissions from the tailpipe: estimated at an exceptionally low 22g/km*. Price includes Government grant for private buyers of €5,000.



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