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It only takes one breath to start your impossible

Take a deep breath

Now get moving

The one thing that unifies us is that before we accomplish anything, we all take that first breath that starts our impossible. That's why it's never been more important to make sure our air is clean which is why Toyota is dedicated to creating clean-air vehicles, like the hydrogen-powered Mirai and Fuel Cell Bus, because we know every breath matters.

One Breath.
Endless Possibilities.

Take a deep breath

It only takes one breath to start your next journey.

What do Jessica Fox, Alexis Hanquinquant, and Tyrone Pilay have in common? They all started their greatest accomplishments with one big breath. Take a deep breath and start your impossible knowing that you can accomplish anything.

Clean air everywhere

No matter where you go, clean the air while getting there.

Toyota knows the importance of clean air, that's why we've made the the all-new Mirai, Sora Fuel Cell Electrified Bus, and FC Semi Truck to run on hydrogen fuel cells so that the first breath of your new journey is as clean as possible.