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How does our customer first policy work?

  • Our customer first policy

    In every aspect of our work, including our vehicle dealerships, we make great efforts to build and maintain good relationships with our customers, and everyone in our workforce keeps the “customer first” policy in mind when doing their job.

  • This helps build trust and mutual respect and ensures that we remain aware of their opinions and preferences, helping us design and produce ever-better vehicles.

  • By listening to the voice of the customer

    By listening to the opinions and reactions of our customers we can learn what their expectations are of both our business and our vehicles, so it is important that we encourage feedback.

    We provide a wide range of opportunities for people to share their views, including simple conversations with staff in vehicle showrooms, participation in focus groups or surveys, contact with our customer relations departments and engagement with our social media channels. Of course this includes both praise and complaints, equally.

  • Further feedback and data are collected from our dealers and our suppliers. We also closely monitor customer opinions gathered by third parties, such as newspapers, magazines and on-line publications, and the leading independent satisfaction surveys, such as those conducted internationally.

By acting on your feedback

We make sure that the insights we gain from listening to you are quickly shared among all the relevant parts of our business. This intelligence-gathering and feedback analysis help us with planning new products, raising quality standards, and improving the way we work and the services we provide. In this way, the "voice of the customer" remains a fundamental part of our business.