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From Small-Scale Importer to Multiple Manufacturing Sites

  • Since the early 1990s we have transformed our activities in Europe. After establishing successful sales operations we decided to set up local manufacturing operations to build cars specifically for European customers.

     A small-scale vehicle assembly plant was established in Portugal with Salvador Caetano in the mid-1960s, prior to us launching manufacturing operations on a major scale. We started with engine and car plants in the UK in the early 1990s, and have gone on to expand production at sites in France, Turkey, the Czech Republic, Poland and Russia.

    Toyota Motor Europe Headquarters in Brussels, Belgium. 

  •  Benefiting from investment so far of more than €10 billion, our European manufacturing plants have together delivered around 13 million vehicles. As well as directly employing around 25,000 people, they also provide business worth more than €6 billion to a network of around 400 European suppliers. 
    Toyota Motor Europe HQ plays a central role as the business in overall control of the wholesale sales and marketing of both Toyota and Lexus products in Europe, via 29 national sales and marketing companies operating in 53 different countries.

    Toyota Motor Europe Headquarters in Brussels, Belgium.