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What are The Toyota Fund for Europe’s areas of focus?

The environment: a holistic approach

At Toyota we recognise that the growth of our business depends on the success of sustainable mobility. This has led us to develop innovative solutions such as the Hybrid Prius and the fuel cell Mirai. We are also aware that tackling environmental issues during the life-cycle of our products is not enough to solve today’s environmental issues. 

TFfE helps by building working relationships so that people can share knowledge about environmental solutions available today. Together we can help solve these challenges. 

Road safety: a shared responsibility 

Mobility is key to the quality of life. Yet traffic accidents throughout Europe claim tens of thousands of lives each year. If vehicles are to continue to be accepted by society, safety issues must be tackled. As a major vehicle manufacturer, we have a clear responsibility to address these safety issues and reduce the number of accidents, injuries and fatalities. 

Genuinely sustainable mobility requires us to tackle safety by improving vehicles, creating a safer traffic environment, and educating road users to improve behaviour on the roads. This depends on governments, non-profit organisations, educational institutions and vehicle manufacturers working together to create positive change. 

TFfE helps by promoting awareness on road safety and promoting solutions regarding vehicle safety, responsible driving attitude and safe road infrastructure. 

Education: investing in future generations 

Education in general, whether environmental knowledge, road safety knowledge or problem-solving approaches, is an important skill set for future generations.  

Technical education specifically, is a fundamental skill set that we believe future generations will benefit from, whether it will be used at an automotive manufacturing company or elsewhere. We believe that the level of education and skills will determine future prosperity and sustainability. 

TFfE helps by supporting projects where future generations learn about environmental or road safety issues and how they can solve them, or projects where Toyota can share its technical knowledge with future engineers and technicians.