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Corporate Social Responsibility

Learn more about how we’re making a real change on the local level

Growing in harmony with the local environment and society is the only way that our business can be sustainable. As one of the world's largest automobile companies, with operations in more than 170 countries, we aim to become a good local corporate citizen, admired by all the communities in which we operate.  

To achieve this goal, we provide financial and practical contributions to projects that seek to improve the lives and sustainability of our communities. Priority areas are the environment, road safety and technical education.

Giving back the community we live in

In Europe we seek to achieve our sustainability in two ways: 

The Toyota Fund for Europe (TFfE) operates at a pan-European level to support projects operating across many different European countries or regions. 

In parallel, local Toyota subsidiaries support local projects that operate in their home country or region. 

Toyota Fund for Europe - more than just financial assistance 

For The Toyota Fund for Europe (TFfE), financial support is only part of the solution. We seek partners with whom we can work together, utilising our skills and resources to help make a real difference to your project.

This involvement can take many forms but may include training, knowledge transfer, materials or even human resources. We are always looking for new projects to support. 

Since 2005 we have invested €66 million in projects across Europe.

Apply for support

Each local Toyota company operates its own funding to support local projects. Your proposal will be evaluated by the local Toyota company, following its local selection criteria. 

You can apply for assistance at any time during the year. Go to your local Toyota contact to locate your nearest Toyota company and obtain more information. 

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Discover our initiatives throughout Europe 

  • Supporting technical education in Turkey

    Toyota Motor Manufacturing Turkey (TMMT), one of our European production bases, began working closely with technical high schools and engineering faculties back in 2006. Since then, TMMT has donated around 100 vehicles and 1000 engines and transmission systems to educational institutions throughout Turkey for the purposes of technical education. 

    In the past three years, 62 cars, 109 engines and 124 transmissions were delivered to schools in 31 cities of Turkey that had engineering sections or automotive laboratories. To mark this milestone, TMMT invited representatives, school directors and teachers from 22 schools to attend a ceremony in the TMMT conference hall. 

  • Equipment donation for the technical education. 

  • Eco tour for children in Turkey 

    TMMT’s eco tour is a hugely popular event for children in the city of Adapazari, where TMMT is located. During this activity, children watch educational presentations and environmental movies, and learn about our activities as an environmentally-friendly vehicle manufacturer. They then visit our manufacturing operations, wastewater treatment plant and solar energy production facility. 

    Our employees love getting involved in this project – particularly when they play the fun waste segregation game with the children! Since it started, nearly 5,000 children from schools in the Adapazarı district have taken part in the eco tour. 

  • Eco tour – tree planting. 

  • Technical Project Competition in Turkey 

    TMMT is committed to support young technical students, encourage their innovative ideas and stimulate their R&D competences. Within this framework, TMMT was co-sponsor of the 9th Inter-Junior High School & High School Technical Project Competition, held in cooperation with Sakarya National Educational Directorate. 

    360 projects were submitted by 700 students in the two categories of Environment and Automation. At an awards ceremony held at TMMT, the 77 winning students and their schools were recognised by TMMT top management. Since it started, 4,000 students have taken part in this competition. 

  • Technical project competition – shaking hands with the winner. 

  • Opening children’s eyes to nature in the UK 

    SLM Toyota, dealer for East Sussex, UK, recently passed on a donation from Toyota to the Glyne Gap School for their Wild Garden Project. The project aims to create a space that can be used by teachers as an outdoor classroom to hold lessons on topics like the Natural Habitat and Mini Beasts. Environmental storytelling, music and theatre sessions are also scheduled to take place. 

    The wild garden will also host Family Days on certain Saturdays, during which schoolchildren can introduce family members to their eco activities. The donation will allow the school to equip the garden with all the educational facilities needed, including improved wheelchair access. 

  • Toyota Fund For A Better Tomorrow for Glyne Gap Donation. 

  • Helping families discover the marshes in the UK 

    We are delighted to financially assist Staffordshire Wildlife Trust in the UK to develop a popular nature reserve. The trust will use the money to create a new visitor trail at Doxey Marshes, a 300-acre area of wet grasslands near Stafford. It will comprise a series of timbered posts fitted with plaques depicting animal and plant species that can be found on the reserve. 

    The marshes are home to more than 200 bird species and are designated a Site of Special Scientific Interest. W.R. Davies Toyota in Stafford has previously supplied the trust’s conservation workers with Toyota vehicles. 

  • Team members with an Auris from the trust’s fleet. 

  • Helping UK scouts prepare for their jamboree in Japan 

    More than 50 Surrey Scouts and Explorers were given an insight into Japanese culture during an activity day hosted by Toyota GB at its headquarters in November 2015. The event helped them prepare for their journey to Japan for the 23rd World Scout Jamboree and gave them the chance to boost their personal fund-raising for the trip. 

    It was a reward for the scouts’ help in clearing the grounds of the office complex, as part of Toyota GB’s on-going project to promote biodiversity. In addition, a contribution was made towards the Surrey County Jamboree Fund, which will help meet general equipment costs.

  • Toyota helps prepare Surrey Scouts for World Jamboree in Japan.

  • Creative wetland restoration in Hungary 

    Toyota is working with WWF and the village of Tiszatarján on a unique, community-based conservation project alongside the river Tisza in north-eastern Hungary. Its goal is to contribute to the conservation of the area’s natural floodplain wetlands and grasslands. The area is important for key species such as white-tailed eagle, black stork, beaver, long-horn grey cattle and water buffalo. 

    The project will also increase awareness of ecosystem management practices while supporting the local community to generate bioenergy. This very practical model has the potential to be replicated elsewhere in the world. 

  • Water buffaloes occupying the floodplain's lake. 

  • Green Generation Programme in Hungary 

    Toyota is supporting WWF’s Green Generation mentor programme. This environmental and sustainability focused project involves a year-long training programme to give children deeper knowledge of two focus areas: biodiversity and the smart city. Children are encouraged to learn active citizenship, mobilise others, and build a green community. 

    24 children between the ages of 14 and 16 from all over Hungary are participating. They learn through playing games, solving exercises, role playing, developing projects and conducting research. The programme includes field trips, workshops at school, as well as several tasks to be completed at home. 

  • Autumn hike with the WWF Green Generation Program / Image credit © WWF / Visnyovszky Ágota. 

  • European children go green from an early age 

    Toyota is encouraging European schoolchildren to explore and investigate their natural environment to help biodiversity. The project is an initiative of TME, the Foundation for Environmental Education and Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew to support biodiversity education in schools throughout Europe. We are funding the translation of the educational materials for schools in their own language. 

    In this way we hope to encourage young people to become advocates for the conservation and promotion of local biodiversity activities. The initiative builds on the Wellcome Trust funded project “The Great Plant Hunt” co-ordinated by the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.