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Key Performance Indicators

Learn about our sustainable achievements

Here's a summary of the measures we're using to evaluate the success of our organisation, as well as our achievements. Our achievements are divided into three categories – Environmental, Social and Economic. 

Environmental Achievements  

Toyota 2019 achievements compared to industry average (blue) and Toyota own figures (red) for a variety of parameters such as energy, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC), water, CO2 and waste. 
Industry average provided by ACEA (2019 figures) 

  • ... average EU new car CO2 emissions in 2019 (provisional figure) 

  • ... less CO2 emissions per vehicle produced in 2019, compared to 2010 

  • ... of CO2 emissions since 1997 thanks to worldwide sales of hybrids 

  • ... sold in Europe in 2019, representing 52% of total EU sales 

  • ... available in Europe

  • ... available globally

  • Our shredder trial test achieved 96.9% reuse and recovery 

  • ... of a car 

  • We've put on European roads over 3 million hybrid electric vehicles 

Social Achievements  

  • We directly employ over 25,000 people across Europe 

    Injury frequency rate (x million hours worked) in European manufacturing plants 

  • ... working in our Head Office in Brussels 

    Since 2005 we have contributed €66 million to local and social projects across Europe 

Economic Achievements  

  • We operate 9 manufacturing plants in 7 countries 

  • Network of 29 National Marketing & Sales Companies in 53 countries

  • Network of around 3,000 Toyota and Lexus authorised retailers 

  • ... importing vehicles produced in Europe 

  • ... produced in Europe in 2019

  • .. sold in Europe in 2019 

  • ... market share 

  • Operating income in 2019

  • 8 of 10 Toyota cars sold in Europe are built here, too 

  • Since establishing our first operations facilities in 1990's we have invested over €10 billion locally 

  • We spend over €6 billion with our European suppliers annually