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What are our eco-driving tips for hybrid drivers?

Learn how your car’s hybrid information display works, so you can see at a glance how much energy you are using as you drive.

Use the throttle pedal smoothly and gently, with consistent pressure. This way you can keep the car running in EV mode for longer.

Switch to ECO mode: this adjusts the throttle pedal for a smooth response, even if you press on it sharply, and runs the air conditioning with reduced power

Braking early and gently lets the car capture more energy through regenerative braking. Extra power in the battery means the car can run in EV mode for longer.

Keep a close watch on the dashboard dials and gauges so that you are aware of the hybrid system’s status and make sure the battery keeps a useful high voltage level.

Do not move the shift selector to N (neutral) when you come to a stop. If you do this the car will not be generating electricity and energy will be drained from the battery.

Keeping a steady speed in open-road driving is a great way of saving fuel. Anticipate the road ahead and use the ecological route if you are using a navigation system.

Use the EV driving mode whenever appropriate. Running on all-electric power means no fuel consumption and no tailpipe emissions.