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Conventional Engines

Learn more about the ways we’re making diesel and petrol engines more sustainable

While we develop exciting new alternative fuels and powertrains, we’re also investing in making our conventional petrol and diesel engines cleaner and more efficient.

The role of the conventional engine 

The internal combustion engine continues to be the most popular means of powering vehicles and it will continue to play a role for the next 20 to 30 years. In our Environmental Challenge 2050, we target a 90% reduction in our 2010 vehicle CO2 emissions level, which will require significant improvements in conventional engine performance, as well as making next-generation low or zero-CO2 vehicles widely available. 

We are investing in methods and technologies to help us make the most of every drop of fuel and achieve the lowest emissions levels from our petrol and diesel engines. We are producing new engine designs to secure the best balance of performance with efficiency, helped by the knowledge and experience we have gained in developing our hybrid power systems where we combine a very efficient petrol engine with an electric motor.